About InventHelp and Some of Their Top Inventions

InventHelp is a company engaged in inventor services. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the firm was established in the mid-80s and is engaged in helping inventors find investors for their products to support, manufacture and market them. A good example of that phenomenon would be the quickrewards online program that became very popular.

After over 30 years of assisting inventors in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany, the firm has pushed a number of impressive inventions in the marketplace.

Such services are uber-important for inventors. According to Victor A. McCarroll of Radar Detector Guides, established technology – such as radar detector – make advancements in incremental basis.  In doing so, inventors and manufacturers need funding.  Companies like InventHelp help reducing the resources consumed for securing such funds.

Without further adieu, here are just some of InventHelp’s top inventions:

InventHelp screenshot

Tip ‘n Split

Tip ‘n Split is a handheld calculator designed to help people split the dinner bill and compute for the tip as well. Aside from its calculator functions, the gadget also features a magnifying lens that works with built-in LED lighting to help the user read tiny items on the bill and the menu.

When the Tip ‘n Split was featured on QVC in 2015, the program sold 800 units in only 5 minutes. As one of InventHelp’s top inventions, the product also won gold in the 2014 INPEX Best New Gadget category.

What Makes It Different: The main target market of the Tip ‘n Split calculator is the baby boomer segment who often require prescription glasses to view the bill or the menu.

Angelicare Spider Vein Treatment Center

Angelicare is a three-step system that helps fade spider veins. It consists of a nutrient-rich Ultra Nutricreme that is applied onto the skin and massaged using the Angelicare Heat and Massage Stimulator. It is touted as an excellent alternative to more expensive treatments for removing spider veins such as sclerotherapy and laser.

What Makes It Different: The Angelicare system was developed through experimentation to identify the best possible combination of ingredients that will rejuvenate and soften skin, and eliminate spider veins.

Weed Thrasher

The Weed Thrasher is an all-metal accessory designed to fit weed cutters, replacing the more common nylon line used in most trimmers. It can fit most of the gas-powered trimmer models in the market today. The Weed Thrasher is sold as a complete kit that includes 12 cutters and a mounting hardware.

What Makes It Different: The Weed Thrasher came out of the inventor’s frustration at having to manage and replace twisted nylon lines in the trimmer. According to him, his product effectively eliminates the problem of jamming, allowing users to complete trimming jobs within a short period of time.

Aquasonic Brush ‘N Spray

Aquasonic Brush n Spray

Aquasonic Brush ‘N Spray performs three actions in one gadget – it is a brush, floss and water jet that effectively removes food debris on the surface and in between teeth. The product features a bottle that attaches to the brush. This bottle can be filled with water, medicated rinse or mouthwash, and used to spray on the teeth and areas of the mouth. It is gentle enough to be used by people who have sensitive teeth and individuals who wear dentures or braces.

What Makes It Different: Aquasonic Brush ‘N Spray relies on a pump-action design that eliminates the need for battery and electric power. Once pressure is built inside the bottle, the water may be released in a targeted spray that has enough force to clean the teeth.

Digitz EZmouse

Web design firms like Quikclicks trust digital drawing pen and good old mouse. The latter is still the device of choice.  Wireless mouse like the rechargeable Digitz EZmouse eliminates the need to use cables and batteries. It has two sources of power – the built-in battery and the rechargeable USB battery. Once the power runs low on the USB battery, it can be removed and plugged to a computer to recharge. It also features a wireless nano-receiver that can be stored inside the mouse for convenience.

What Makes It Different: The Digitz EZmouse has a built-in battery that can run without the rechargeable USB battery for as long as 3 days. The mouse cover can also be customized with the user’s preferred image such as a photograph or artwork.

144hz Monitors

Whether you are a pro-gamer or a casual one, having a PC monitor that can accommodate your activities is a very important decision.  The logic is very simple: Slower monitors give screen tearing and poor overall gaming experience; faster monitors, such as 144hz monitors – give you great screen resolutions, which mean a much better gameplay experience.

There are plenty of options for such monitors – check out Gaming Rig’s best 144hz monitors for some tried-and-tested options.

What Makes It Different:  The 144hz monitors offers you smoother gameplay, which is what every PC gamer want.