5 Newsletters All Small Business Owners Should Subscribe To

When we think about spring cleaning for our inboxes, we’re more inclined to think about all of the newsletters we can unsubscribe to than what we would be interested in signing up for. While it’s perfectly okay to use this time to get emails organized or aspire towards inbox zero, it’s not a bad idea to subscribe to more newsletters. Only this time, your subscriptions will be loaded with specialized content that you look forward to opening and reading.

Businessman reading newsletter

From newsletters that celebrate people at the center of their work to daily emails that sum up global news you need to know first thing, here are five of our favorites to fill up your inbox.

1. American Express OPEN Forum

Their newsletter in a nutshell: Named “The Recap,” this Friday-only newsletter from American Express OPEN Forum highlights insights, inspirations, and connections to grow your business.

What makes it worth subscribing to: All of the content in The Recap is created by small business owners for small business owners. Each issue also includes a hand-picked quote as the “insight of the week” and special feature videos can touch on any topic from an interview with a business mogul to social media tips for retaining customers.

2. Community.is

Their newsletter in a nutshell:  A weekly e-newsletter from community agency Loyal, their tagline states that this feed is “for anyone who puts people at the center of their work.”

What makes it worth subscribing to: Community.is separates its stories into short, mid, and long categories, allowing subscribers to click on pieces they have time to read. Each newsletter opens with a “letter from the editor” paragraph that challenges readers not just to open and click on links, but to think deeper on issues affecting everyday people. Asking questions on everything from teamwork to striking in the workplace, they encourage readers to hit reply and share their own comments and resources to contribute to the conversation.

3. The New York Times: Entrepreneurship

Their newsletter in a nutshell:  Delivered straight from The New York Times to your inbox every Wednesday, this email includes all the news entrepreneurs need to succeed in the world of small business.

What makes it worth subscribing to: From crowdfunding advice for investors to tips for small business owners on catering to millennials, there’s a sprinkling of commentary for every type of entrepreneur. Additionally, you’ll find archived pieces featured in the newsletter along with links to some of their favorite business stories around the web.

4. SBA

SBA newsletter screenshot
SBA.gov newsletter signup form (screenshot)

Their newsletter in a nutshell:  Created by the U.S. Small Business Administration, this newsletter provides entrepreneurs with helpful business tips and upcoming events in your area.

What makes it worth subscribing to: If you’re looking for a newsletter that specializes in what’s happening in your own backyard, you’ve come to the right place. The SBA makes it their mission to educate on local happenings, with additional press release emails highlighting everything from how to get involved in Small Business Week to resources and seminars in your area that might be of interest. If you’re unable to make it to an in-person event, their newsletter is chock full of ways to make your voice heard online with news about upcoming webinars and Twitter chats to join.

5. theSkimm

Their newsletter in a nutshell:  All of the major news headlines of the day, skimmed (hence the name!) with the important details you need to know now.

What makes it worth subscribing to: theSkimm covers breaking, political, entertainment, and sports news all in a quick scrollable format — perfect for entrepreneurs on the go who want to keep up with current events daily.