Top 5 SEO Tips for Newcomers

All website owners or managers need to recognize the importance of SEO and how it must be nurtured so that it provides valuable logistic returns. Even SEO experts know that to obtain great SEO logistic you need to invest time, resources and effort into the basics.

The basics are the building block that will hold everything from unraveling later on, so here are some of the most important tips to take into consideration when managing a website.

SEO basics

1. It needs to represent something

The website needs to have a main theme or subject of discussion. While it doesn’t have to be limited to that particular domain or area of expertise, it needs to present itself in a way that will make users know where to go if they need information or help with a specific topic. Having a main theme will also help when deciding upon the keywords that will be used in association with the website.

2. Frequent and strategic keywords

It’s important to place keywords strategically and not just throw them anywhere on the website. The best places for keywords are the places that are most visible and on the frontlines such as the website title, the title of pages on the site and even tags/description sections.

3. Have everything interconnected

It’s important to keep everything connected on the website. This means that the home page or welcoming page should have links in its messages or articles that redirect users to specific pages on the website. This will assure that people who visit the site visit all the important sections of the website in a controlled mannered and not randomly.

Analyzing SEO - Google Analytics

4. Improve on loading speeds for pages

Many website owners don’t realize this but a huge portion of people frequenting any website is ready to drop any kind of commitment to a platform if it doesn’t load fast enough. That being said, it is very important to make sure that nothing is holding the website back from loading faster. All addons or extensions, or elements in general that contribute to slowing down the website’s page loading times should be removed immediately.

5. Keywords in images

Keywords are important to use, but you can go farther away from just regular keywords. You can add keywords in the title and description of images, boosting your SEO even further. It’s very useful to rewrite the names or descriptions of image files if they don’t cater to the SEO of the website. Many pictures have random letters and numbers crammed up behind a format extension, so they won’t add to a website’s SEO.


There’s a long way to go from SEO novice to master, but every journey begins with the first step, which in this case is represented by learning the basics and making sure that they are applied at all times.