8 Tips for Easier Business Travel

Business travel is a tiring effort but still one that requires you to be performing your very best. You want to do the most for your company and if your trip is easier, then you will be in more of a condition to do so. So, here are some tips to help.

Business woman in airport

1. Fly Non-Stop

There are a lot of people, even frequent business travellers, who assume that direct and non-stop flights are the same. This is not true as non-stop flights will not make any stops along the way, as the name suggests. However, a direct flight might make a stop and you will remain on the plane as some passengers disembark and more board before the plane continues to the intended destination.

Non-stop flights will be more expensive as you are paying for the convenience of not stopping. It is also important to note that not all travel budgets will allow for this, but if you work for a company that is willing to pay for a non-stop flight, you should always choose this option.

2. Get Great Transport

A quality airport limo service or taxi service will make things a lot easier for you when you arrive at a destination. Nobody wants to have to fight through the queues after spending time on a long haul flight. According to airport limo service Boston Executive Limo Service, there has been a notable uptick in people looking for an executive solution and ignoring more low end options such as Uber – after all you pay for what you get.

3. Have A Semi-Packed Bag

If you travel a lot and are frequently moving around, you could easily forget little conveniences such as packing your toothbrush. This is why you need to have a bag with some of your essentials packed at all times. A semi-packed bag with items like shampoo, a toothbrush, chronic medication, underwear, socks and shower gel will ensure you do not forget anything. This will also cut down the amount of time that you spend packing and help you get out of the door much faster.

Using smartphone during flight

4. Charge Everything Before You Board

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination late because of a flight delay only to find that your phone’s battery is dead. This will leave you frantically looking for a public phone so that you can tell everyone that you are running late. This is why you need to charge all of your portable devices before you board the plane. You should also look at carrying a portable charger or a power bank to charge your devices on the go.

5. Have Wi-Fi On The Go

Wi-Fi in hotels are known to be sketchy and business travelers cannot afford any internet downtime. A survey by the CWT Solution Group on stress triggers for business travelers found that poor internet connection was the second on the list of 5 factors.

It is important that you always do some research on the hotel or venue that you are going to be visiting to check that their internet is up to scratch. TripAdvisor is a reliable source for this information and because we live in a digital world, reviewers will almost always mention if there is bad Wi-Fi.

You can also try using Wi-Fi hotspots on the go and find them using an app. There are a few apps that you can choose from including Avast Wi-Fi Finder and Free Wi-Fi Finder. A way to overcome having to find the hotspot, is to take a portable one with you. There are a few mobile hotspots that you can choose from and many are targeted at business travelers. These devices will offer 4G internet speeds, have long battery life and could host up to 10 devices at a time.

6. Get Access To The Lounge

A great way to ease the stress of air travel is to find somewhere quiet, comfortable and peaceful away from the concourse noise. The most seasoned of business travelers will use the airport lounge program through their airline loyalty program or a credit card benefit. If you are not part of these programs, you can buy a membership from your favorite airline or from a third-party such as Priority Pass. You can also buy a day pass from the airline which offers access to the lounge.

There are some private lounges in certain airports such as New York and San Francisco. These lounges offer a day pass that is usually cheaper than the airline pass. There are also apps like LoungeBuddy which help you find and purchase lounge access in a hurry.

Business rental apartment

7. Stay In Rented Accommodation – Not Hotels

If you are going to be spending weeks or months in another city for a long-term project, there is nothing more depressing than being in a soulless hotel room. You need to have a space which is a home away from home and this is why you should look at renting an apartment.

To bypass the endless searching for a suitable apartment and negotiating with the landlords, you can use a booking site like HomeSuite which caters for business travelers and offers short-term, long-term and monthly rentals. Renting an apartment is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take their family or pet with them.

8. Download The Best Travel Apps

You should always look at using technology to your advantage and there are apps for almost everything. You can get an app that organizes your itinerary. All you will have to do is forward confirmation emails to the app and it will create an itinerary with all of the information. You can also use an app to scan business cards which is ideal for anyone who is drowning in them. You can also get an app where you scan receipts to capture all of your business expenses. Options are unlimited – choose wisely.

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