How to Get Your Products Noticed (Infographic)

As an entrepreneur with ambitious plans, one of your key challenges is getting your product noticed and developing a loyal following. When you think of the areas you need to focus on to grow your business into a success, do product labels spring to mind? If not, you could be missing a trick.

Vintage canned food labels

When you’re juggling so many different business aspects, product packaging can often become an afterthought. But as the labels are what customers see on the shelves, they should be viewed as important as the product itself and a small amount of attention to detail can have a huge impact on the overall success of an individual item.

For small businesses that are looking to build up a brand following, a well-designed label that considers brand, product, and audience could make all the difference. It needs to stand out against competitors while still showing, clearly, what it is you’re selling. That’s no small feat but custom label solutions provide an answer, handing you the ability to design a label that’s perfectly suited to your brand and USPs.

Of course, understanding the importance of product labels is just the start of the process. Fortunately, Fast Labels has put together an infographic, acting as an expert step by step guide you can follow. So, how do you craft the label that’ll get your potential customers putting your product in their shopping basket?

1. Don’t underestimate the power of research

Before you even begin coming up with label ideas, research is a step you need to take. Looking at both your ideal customer and competitors within the market ensures you have a clear idea about which direction to go in.

2. Select the label material

It’s not just the design of the label that customer will notice, they’ll observe the material too. Want to show off your product and still get all the information across? A clear adhesive label might be the best option. For a premium, high quality item, matt labels can help you convey an exclusive feel.

3. Sort out your info

Labels don’t just need to attract attention, they need to inform. But coming up with a way to do both can be a challenge, this is where the information design phase comes in.

4. Get designing

With an understanding of your customer, the label type selected, and armed with all the information that needs to be included you can finally get around to designing your label.

It might be a long process but you’ll reap the rewards of your perfectly designed product label.

For the full guide and all the tips from keep reading the infographic below, taking you from an initial idea to a label you’ll love to have on your products.

Product label design tips - infographic