3 Benefits of a Call Recording System for SMEs

Many businesses record their calls for quality assurances and training. However, there are many more benefits your business could take from installing a call recording system.

Using a call recording system for training purposes can be a powerful tool alone as it enables businesses to listen and playback calls made by their staff to give them pointers and training.

Call recording system

Here are three more benefits your small or medium business could make use of from a call recording system:

1. Capture Details You May Have Forgotten

You may be a good note taker on the phone but there’s always someone who speaks too quickly or says too much for you to note down. There may have even been a cough or other noise in the background that caused you to miss what the person on the other end of the phone was saying.

Whilst you may ask for clarification on occasions you don’t want to annoy any customer by asking them to repeat everything. With the ability to play back your call immediately after you have put the phone down or simply when you have free time later in the day, you can go through your entire conversation again to pick up those important details you may have missed at the time.

2. Improve Your Product or Service

If members in your product management or service department take the time to listen to the team members’ calls it will allow them to better understand how their customers are using your product or service. Information such as what they like about it, what they struggle with, what could be changed etc. is all valuable information that can be used to improve your company’s product or service in the future.

A top business phone system and call recording system will help you improve your product or service to both attract new customers and keep your current customers on board.

Business phone system (PBX) user

3. Improve Customer Service

How many times have you heard the importance of customer service? Or how many times have you felt anger towards a company who provided bad customer service? Perhaps this forced you to switch supplier.

Don’t let this happen to your company. By playing back calls you can improve your customer service to keep your customers on board. Remember, the customer is always right and when they’re phoning your support team it’s your duty to change their anger or frustration so that they are happy with your product.

Using this information can really help you adapt your product or service that fewer issues occur with both the customer that phoned up and any future customers that could have been heading down the same path.

If your team spends a lot of time on the phones or it is a crucial part of the service you offer, you will certainly want to consider investing in a call recording system to help improve the three points above.