5 Reasons Why a Gravity Conveyor Roller is The Ideal Solution for Your Manufacturing Business

For anyone and everyone in the manufacturing business, one thing is for certain – the amount of production is directly proportionate to the amount of profit. It is as simple and straightforward as that. You will most certainly make a much bigger profit, the faster you end up rolling out your finished product. In that case, would you not want a perfect solution to the problem of churning out your product at a faster rate?

But for a lot of people, the first thought is that in order to increase production, one has to invest in more expensive equipment. Not only is that going to cut into your budget, but expensive equipment also requires a rather high level of maintenance as well. Having the headache of managing both the aspects of expense as well as maintenance is most certainly not a desirable outcome. Rather than a belt conveyor, this is where gravity rollers come in, to save the day.

Marn working with gravity conveyor roller

Why gravity rollers ideal for your production line

Here are a few reasons as to why gravity rollers are the ideal backbone of your entire production process:-

Sheer efficiency

As far as properly moving heavy products like steel and wood, there is really no better option than a gravity roller. Otherwise, getting your hands on normal powering equipment will be quite the task. Plus there is also the aspect of moving these heavy products having a huge negative impact on production speed as well as overheads. You simply can’t afford to overlook that fact.

In the case of a gravity roller, one ends up drastically cutting down on overheads and production cost rates, meaning that you can instead, focus more on the production process. This will automatically lead to things becoming more efficient and faster.

Moving flat bottomed objects

Gravity rollers definitely tend to work exceptionally well in the case of flat-bottomed objects. The rollers tend to employ a low friction method of transport that ends up supporting the bottom surface. However with non-flat objects, there is a high possibility of the object getting jammed.

Low maintenance

This is for the two simple reasons being that the gravity roller conveyors have few moving parts, plus they aren’t under power either. This is mainly possible due to the use of a system of cylinders on axle shafts, automatically creating a much-needed low-friction surface. The low friction surface ensures that even very heavy-duty loads would require only a minimum gravitational force.


Most autoline gravity rollers that you find adhere to some of the highest and most stringent safety standards. Additionally, since these rollers aren’t computer operated, they can be easily overridden or halted in the case of an extreme emergency.

A flexible yet simple design

Since there are a variety of lengths that a conveyor can be made to, you can get it up and running in a jiffy. And if that wasn’t enough, the general installation process is quick and can be adjusted and altered quickly.

gravity roller


At the end of the day, you can be sure of the fact that in most cases, the addition of gravity conveyor rollers to your business will help your production in every way. Even if you’ve not considered the prospect of adding them to your production line, now would indeed be a good time to do so.

Another point to keep in mind, would be the fact that ultimately, as gravity rollers are a simple piece of technology, they can actually form the backbone of your production process as well. Since they use gravity to move the products, surely it is not too much of a stretch to call them a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for all manufacturers across the board.