Starting a Wellness Business: Tips For Alternative Therapists That Are Not Business Minded

If you’d like to start a wellness business, perhaps as an alternative therapist or a yoga instructor, it’s important that you don’t ignore the business side of things.

It’s easy to get enthusiastic about setting up a business focused on the thing that you love doing. But simply having talent and enthusiasm will only get you so far.

Wellness business

There are many issues that you will have to consider before you get your first client, and here are a few of the most important.


While starting a wellness business can be an affordable option for entrepreneurs, there are still costs to consider.

You might be able to use your own home to give yoga or Pilates lessons, but you may still have to renovate a room in your home to make it suitable. And there is a good chance you will need some equipment and a computer for keeping track of your earnings, maintaining your website, etc.

So where will these funds come from?

You have a number of options available. If you already have some savings you can use, this might be the best option. Otherwise, you might have to get a loan from the bank, use your credit card, or get help from family or friends.

Always plan for how much you will need, and then plan for a little bit more to cover any extra costs. Also, estimate how long it will be before you can earn enough to start paying back your loans.

Demand and Competition

Before you launch your business, you should research whether there is much demand for your niche in your area and find out if you will have any competitors.

Don’t be put off by competition: The fact that there are competitors means there are clients. But do know what you are getting yourself into.

If there are dozens of yoga instructors in your area, you might want to offer a more niche service. For example, you could offer yoga for moms or something similar to stand out.


Consider your need for insurance carefully. It can take a huge weight off your shoulders because it gives you financial protection in various circumstances. For example, Next Insurance offers affordable yoga insurance plans that can provide cover if one of your clients gets injured during a class and makes a claim against you.

There are many potential situations where claims can arise. A client may even sue you for providing bad advice, which is something that can happen even if you are careful, so it’s good to know that you are covered.

Doing wellness business paperwork

Permits, Taxes, and Other Legal Issues

You may find that you require a permit to run your home business in your area. Rules are different all over the place, so find out exactly what you need, and get legal advice if you are unsure. You could also speak to other people offering similar services and find out what they have.

You will also need to start paying taxes on your earnings. If you have never been self-employed, there is quite a lot to learn, so you might want to find an accountant before you launch your business.

A good accountant can ensure you have everything in order before you get up and running, and they can help you in many other ways. For example, they can help you to avoid problems when it comes to paying taxes, as well as offering expert advice that can help with every area of your business.

Finding Clients

You will also not have much of a business if you are unable to find clients. Marketing is a big area, but it’s something that you will need to do if you want to bring in more business.

You could start by telling everyone you know about your new service, but you will want to do more than this:

  • Set up a website and start writing a blog.
  • Sign up with Google My Business.
  • Be active on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Advertise in your local area as well as in magazines and newsletters.
  • Try online advertising to drive traffic to your website.

There are many possible options, so start thinking about how you will bring in clients when you launch. In time, you might start getting referrals, but it’s always sensible to have a plan of action to bring in business from the start.

Yoga class

Plan Your Wellness Business Carefully

These are some of the business issues that you will need to keep in mind when you launch your wellness business, so don’t ignore them. You may not think that you have much of a business mind, but you will need to if you want to make your business a success.

So follow these tips and give your business the best chance of success so you can enjoy a profitable and fulfilling business that allows you to earn a living doing what you love.