Following Your Desires Dedicatedly and With Motivation Will Lead to Success: How Ammar Jali Climbed to the Top

Most people would jump from one employment into the next without considering to make a career out of their first job. This is what makes Ammar Jali’s experience different from what others would think as an absurd idea.

Ammar Jali, Domino's Pizza
photo credit: Plurk

Having worked for Domino’s Pizza during his college years to raise funds for his education, Ammar didn’t consider finding himself at the same front doors which led to much of his success. His initial professional experience was a part of the operational crew driving pizza deliveries to their customers. Domino’s Pizza was his fountainhead which allowed him to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

After graduating from New York Institute of Information Technology, Ammar worked for a big company in New York as a Fiber Optic Engineer. His calling was not as a corporate worker though because he found himself looking back to where he started. He found Domino’s Pizza an interesting business that not only would be promising but would give him bigger prospects of achieving his personal goals.

Starting as an Assistant Manager for one of the food chain’s outlets, Ammar Jali later found himself owning a franchise. Over the course of the years, his franchise grew owning most of the Domino’s Pizza chain in Pennsylvania. His franchise business has also expanded to reach Ohio and has been recognized for its operational excellence.

On a personal interview done by an entrepreneurial digest, Ammar believes in the personal development of his employees which he considers as his best assets. What makes him a true leader is how he works dedicatedly not just for the welfare of his employees but also for the community itself.

Ammar Jali and team
photo credit: Five Hundo

In the recent months, Domino’s Pizza in Pittsburgh has been involved with some of the civic events which have been organized by non-profit organizations. Domino’s has recently partnered with The Darrin Walls Foundation who provides assistance to disadvantaged youth and at risk teens. They offer a free sports training camp with the participation of professional football athletes including Darrin Walls himself.

Domino’s Pizza is also working with St. Judes. Run/Walk to End Childhood Cancer event which would take place this September. The fund raising event is aimed to raise awareness about childhood cancer, find a cure, and help save children’s lives.

Everyone faces their own challenges and in the end what we feel our desires are would eventually lead to our own happiness and success. Given the right attitude and motivation, we could be like Ammar Jali who skipped out on the conventional profession and followed his own heart.