4 Tips for Building an Online Presence in The Digital Marketing Age

Building an online presence is something that every business must do to stay relevant and to succeed. Those that don’t will struggle to succeed going forward and the basics of having a website improve the credibility and authenticity of any business in this day and age.

There are also various opportunities to use an online presence to expand your business even further.

Businesswoman building an online presence

Having a website

A website is one of the most basic and important things for any business to have. As I mentioned above, a business without a website could be seen as not authentic and people may be skeptical of services or goods that they offer. The same goes for a website’s design. If it is bad, people may again be reluctant to engage as it could be seen to be fake and untrustworthy.

A good and professional website, is therefore the first and best step for building an online presence. It’s a great idea to have a clear explanation about what your business does and the services it offers, how you can be contacted and a clean and easy layout that people can navigate easily.

Understanding the benefits of SEO

We all use search engines on a daily basis to search for a variety of things. This could be things to do, services, shops or practically anything. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves techniques to make your website easier to find for search engines. This is quite a complicated field By focusing on having your business seen on search engines you can dramatically improve your business and online presence.

Not everyone is a marketing expert, so it is a great idea to start talking to a SEO agency if you want some proven ways to improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.


Blogging is one way to improve your credibility and online presence, especially when trying to establish credibility as an industry expert. Naturally it is best to blog in areas of your own expertise and in turn this will bring “organic” traffic to your website. By getting interested people on your website you can get more people aware of your brand and potentially convert them into purchasing your product or service.

Blogging is very powerful because quality content can get a lot of people to your site, especially when search engines rank your content highly or people decide to share it on other social media platforms.

Social media activity

Being active on social media

One of the keys to having social media is to be active on it. Having 10 different social media accounts (and even the best ones) means absolutely nothing if your business is not willing to keep them updated. Again this could be a credibility killer for your business if your last post on Facebook was two years ago. To many people, this may seem as though your business is not even running anymore.

Social media is indeed a great way to get people coming to your business and you can even run advertising on social media to very specific targeted audiences.


All of the above matter, but don’t forget to engage your visitors, readers and followers.  In the digital world, words travel in ultra-speed.  Engaged audience means that you have brand evangelists out there.  Embrace and nurture them by continuously providing value through your content, product and services.