Buying and Growing an Ecommerce Store: 4 Tips on How to Evolve

Most of the time that people start companies or even buy them, they don’t think about keeping things the way they are. Instead they think about how they can make it even better.

However, that is easier said than done. This means that you will need to think outside the box and also be ready to make some serious investments. But with that in mind, it can be done.

Ecommerce business growth planning

Here are a couple of important tips on how to grow your business, whether you are starting it from scratch or acquiring it.

1. Prepare to bring more people aboard

Initially, you might be able to run your ecommerce by yourself or with just a few people. But if you want to grow, you will need to be prepared to change that.

Depending on how much you want to expand, you need to be prepared to bring more people into the fold so that each department of the store can be properly managed. You can’t be a jack of all trades when it comes to running an ecommerce store. It’s a volatile business that deals with customers directly, so you’ll want each role filled by someone on the top of their game.

If you’ve acquired your ecommerce store on a platform like Exchange by Shopify, you’ll need to take into account levels of staff the previous owner had. For example, if the previous owner had a dedicated customer service representative, you may need to consider bringing in your own to handle the current volume of customers.

2. Consider a blog

Having a trustworthy blog attached to your store or business can have great implications. It signals to the user that you actually know what you’re talking about and that they have a reason for which they should trust you.

Buying from you or just consuming your content becomes an easier decision once they can picture your business as an informed, authoritative representative of whatever trade you are operating in.

Influencer and hashtags

3. Grow your influence through different influencers

Influencers are entities that have a certain influence attached to their name. Indeed, an internet sensation can help you tap into their audience by striking a partnership. For example, if you are in the fashion niche, an influencer can sport one of your store’s T-shirts in a video they create.

You can use online celebrities with very large followings to grow your own fan base. The key point is that these influencers use their aforementioned influence in order to promote you to their community. If they recommend you, their fans will be much more inclined to try out whatever you are offering.

4. Make sure your business has a strong follow-up

If you think the bulk of the work is done the moment a customer signs a deal with you, you are mistaken. The true labor begins after the transaction is complete, because you need a solid follow-up strategy in order to keep them satisfied and turn them into a repeat customer.

The worst thing you can do is consider yourself a winner because you have their business. If you don’t make them feel like they’ve made a good decision in dealing with you, you will be the one that regrets it down the road. Not only will the bad reputation affect your future sales, but you lose a potential returning customer.