How to Design Instagram Stories – 6 Tips to Wow Your Audience

Ephemeral content or content that stays viable for 24 hours from the time of its upload on social media has helped to garner attention towards brands since a couple of years. Ever since ephemeral content became popular, brands have been using Snapchat, Instagram and Messenger as three of their main resources to attract attention, followers and clients towards their brands.

With 500 million users who use Instagram stories for announcements and varied content daily, ephemeral content and live stories on Instagram have reportedly beaten Snapchat and Messenger to a tee. However, in order to keep the interaction between brands and clientele active, it is not necessary to launch or use heart-shattering news all the time.

Designing Instagram stories

At times, you have to be creative and design-savvy with your ephemeral content on Instagram, which is why we have mentioned 6 tips that can help any brand or a budding Instagram influencer to wow their audience.

1. Match your Brand Colors

Usually, most brands have a uniform palette that corresponds to a couplet of colors on their Instagram account. This is considered an intuitive approach to align the color palette of your stories with the rest of the content on your profile.

Moreover, it is also wise to match different texts with the brand colors on your Instagram stories. This can be done easily with the eyedropper tool (situated on the left corner of the color palette in your window). It can match the color of the text in your picture or video and therefore, allow you to doodle or type text in the same color to create ambiguity.

2. The ‘Rainbow’ Effect

This is another technique that can help to brighten up the text in your stories. Incorporating the rainbow effect in your texts is quite easy, provided you know how to use the features. Use one of your fingers to open the color palette, and another to select and highlight the written text in your story.

As you drag both the fingers simultaneously towards the left side of the screen, you’ll see that each letter will begin to change its color slowly. Increase your pace so that your text appreciates more color variations.

3. The ‘Drop Shadow’ Effect:

Don’t you all wish to have multimedia and options from Microsoft PowerPoint in our Instagram stories? Well, there are several other techniques that you can use to design the text in your Instagram stories without having multimedia or using different apps and templates for it.

In order to incorporate the ‘drop shadow’ effect, you need to write the same piece of text twice and place one of them on the top of the other text but slightly off-center.

4. Incorporate a variety and mixture of fonts

If you use a phone that has a stylus, then incorporating a typographical content in your Instagram stories will become quite enjoyable. However, try incorporating different fonts in a variety of sizes with doodles and scribbles in order to create a professional, informative and intuitive look.

Experiment with the fonts and the variety of sizes in your library – this will help you to establish your personal templates corresponding to the excitement and changes in your story. Highlight and select each part of the text and adjust accordingly.

Instagram app

5. Use symbols from your keyboard

Who says you can only overwrite text with text? Choose symbols from your keyboard, such as a bullet point (period) from your library and adjust its size by pinching your fingers on the screen. Type your text and fill the bubble with it. Use other symbols and add other colors to create a pattern on your story as well.

6. Use other apps to design your templates

Have you ever wondered how brands flash their ‘How-to’ guides on Instagram stories? Well, you too can garner attention to your stories by using the templates on designing platforms such as Canva or Adobe Spark.

These designing platforms allow you to make a free account and design and save the content of your future stories in advance. You can download the content and upload as it is on your Instagram to create a fun-filled story for the viewers to see.

Using templates from different design-savvy websites isn’t time-consuming or challenging as compared to designing your stories from scratch, and can therefore help to attract attention to your account. However, there are several websites such as that can help your brand to get started on social media by offering you an authentic series of Instagram likes for fixed prices under varied deals.