Check Out How These 10 UK Start-Up Companies Achieved Their Early Growth

It is the dream of any entrepreneur to hit early success and grow phenomenally in the shortest time possible. Some have been able to do it and every story is unique in its own right. Below are 10 of the best start-ups in the UK and how they grew so fast:

1. Nested

Nested UK homepage

This is an example of driving business growth using a genius model that works. Nested makes the process of buying a home easier, plus they promise to sell your property within 90 days or buy it. Beat that.

2. Hibob

Bob UK website

An HR and benefits platform, Hibob’s strength lies in their highly experienced team made up of people who understand the core issues businesses need to solve and how to address them.

3. Gousto

Gousto UK website

This cook-at-home food subscription service has achieved 600% growth in only two years. How? They allocate 10% of engineers’ work schedules to creative development and a good number of the side projects are useful today. Also, Gusto has invested heavily in data science. For them, it’s about knowing what they want to deliver and what they need to do it. In a different business, it can be a matter of choosing between a dedicated server and the cloud.

4. Cocoon

Cocoon UK website

Tagged ‘the smartest internet-connected home security system in the world’, Cocoon raised $200,000 before launch when they beat their Indiegogo crowdfunding target by 200%. But of course, they succeeded because of their brilliant.

5. (now Helpling)

Helpling UK website

This online service allows anyone in France, Ireland, or the UK to order home cleaners at a £10 fixed fee. Their $6-million funding round proves that a bit of disruption to a traditional industry can be a winner.

6. Moneybox

Moneybox UK website

Millennials are a powerful market and when you make it easy to do something they know they need to do – invest all of their spare change – then you know you’re on to something.

7. Bizzby

Bizzby UK website

The business of delivering services to doorsteps looks promising with the likes of Bizzby who allow you to order a beautician, cleaner or handyman via a smartphone. The company got started on a drone-based instant delivery service after a funding round of $10 million.

8. Signkick

SIgnKick UK website

This company is eliminating the traditional advertising agency and bringing outdoor advertising to SMBs. They now cover the entire UK, and the best part? They have done it all without any major funding.

9. Justpark

JustPark UK website

Called the ‘Airbnb of car parking spaces’, this company helps motorists find low-cost parking spaces while helping homeowners to make extra cash from their properties. Their Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign was oversubscribed by £1 million; Index Ventures and BMW liked Justpark enough to back them.

10. Landbay

Landbay UK website

This online platform permits retail investors and institutions to invest in the buy-to-let residential mortgage market. Already, they lend £2 million monthly. Landbay has been named the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending platform in the UK.

These start-ups are different, but they all provide unique solutions for customers.