What’s Deterring Customers at Check Out – And How to Avoid It

Anyone familiar with the ins and outs of online shopping – either from the perspective of a shopper or business owner – knows that the most pivotal moments of the shopping experience are determined by the transparency and trustworthiness of the checkout process. While it’s true most consumers prefer shopping online, they just as finicky and capricious as shoppers at brick and mortar stores. No matter the size of one’s order, or the items contained therein, a split-second decision can too easily be made to call the whole thing off at any given moment.

It’s no secret that many stores are left stumped and bereft of profit for seemingly no reason, but ultimately, it’s a question of cost.

Online shopping

Shipping and handling fees info matters

Indeed, this change is an invariable possibility once the consumer is able to see the total calculated bill – shipping and handling fees included. This is why companies ought to do their best to ensure that the shipping companies they make use of are the best possible for budget-conscious patrons.

Because customers can be shopping from anywhere in the world, and it’s not entirely likely that they will know where a product will be shipped from, people in Europe, for example may not immediately assume that a potentially new pair of shoes will be coming from, say, Wisconsin. The distances products have to travel are usually only apparent towards the very end of the shopping experience, which leaves many individuals prone to an element of surprise.

Mastering the exit-intent game

Luckily, there are a variety of strategies one can use to encourage customers to stay on a page and follow through with the tentative purchases in their cart. For example, one could use exit-intent popups or offer guest checkout services, to make the process hospitable and easy. However, these are only band aid solutions for a problem that can easily be avoided.

Nevertheless, adopting exit-intent strategy for shipping information is an effective way to go. By simply taking the time to carefully determine, as well as clearly exhibit, shipping costs well in advance of a transaction, a company may save a lot of time and money, simply because positive shipping and delivery experiences are more appealing to consumers than companies that make use overpriced services.

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Affordable shipping for the win

Indeed, the best solution is by making use of reasonable, efficient shipping services – for instance, netParcel is a trustworthy and convenient company that can easily save consumers hundreds of dollars; with a few clicks on their fortified, secure interface, one has access to the best deals on shipping imaginable, by way of comparison pricing amongst multiple couriers, as well as a savvy support team of knowledgeable brokers.

All courier companies, at times, offer discounted rates and specials – they are, no doubt, seeking your business just as much as you are seeking their services. However, it is simply a question of finding the right company, namely, one that takes advantage of LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) freight rates. Doing so is, however, difficult, and that’s why a neutral third party, i.e. brokers, are called for.


With this in mind, it should be rather apparent what is deterring customers at the checkout, it’s time to start changing your business and/or personal shopping habits by creating the parameters for a comfortable consumer experience.