4 Things Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Focus on

Every bootstrapper only focus on cutting costs and maximizing their effort to drive results. Little do they know that this is as a recipe for disaster that often ends up killing their startup. Therefore, following we will mention four important things you should focus on to grow your business.

Managing workflow

1. Improve Workflow

Work smart instead of hard, don’t believe you need to stretch yourself day and night to make it big. Hard work is imperative but smart work is even more important. Therefore, before you start you have to create an efficient workflow and system from scratch.

Use a premium business suite like http://www.just3things.com to create these templates and automate different parts of your business to free your time, and be consistent. This way you won’t exhaust yourself. When you see emerging trends, you need put your resources to good use, and take care of your client’s concerns.

2. Use Customer Relation Manager (CRM)

Growing business means you will meet new people and will have to remember every detail about them, especially how you guys met. On top of it, you need to remember what they were interested in and whether they needed your solutions or not.

So, every time you make a new connect, you better store that info in a CRM. Don’t forget important details as for how you met, the challenges both of you were facing at the time, and what the other guy was looking or in his future.

Once you put it, set up reminders to reach them later and track your dialogs. Keep notes and set follow up reminders to improve your chances of doing business with them. If doing so increases your business, then its money well spent.

Business website

3. Get a Website

You need to create an online presence. The best way to do that is by creating and launching your own website. Small business website helps enhancing your branding. The thing is, getting the website built is easy. Managing it is the real challenge, and this is where most businesses fail.

Most business owners have trouble doing so because they don’t have the technical knowledge or don’t have one with such skills on their team. They don’t update their website thinking of cost-saving whereas they fail to realize how much an outdated website can cost their business.

You may want to hire a pro to build your site, and make them do it on a platform you can control. Learn about different Content Management Systems and pick one you can use.

4. Create Business IDs on Different Social Channels

Aside from getting a proper website, your clients are expecting your presence on social media, so don’t let them down. Creating a social media presence is not all about posting something daily. Instead, it’s how you communicate with people on these channels and how often you do it.

If the above sounds like a real hassle, consider to hire a social media company to do it for you, or get an app that schedules your posts for weeks. This helps you maintain a promising presence and grow your business via social media.

Just remember, don’t spread yourself too thin.

Now over to you

Do you have any tips on how new entrepreneurs need to focus on when growing their business? Please share with us.