Why and How to Be CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Routing & Switching Certified

Cisco understands that trends are changing in the business world. Companies are migrating and are now relying on systems that store all their important information over internet. There is great demand for the right skilled professionals to keep their network connections running all the time so that they can have all the necessary information up to date and readily available when needed.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) routing and switching certification is great for professionals who are seeking to validate their ability to verify, implement, plan, and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks. This certification will be the boost you need to work with specialists in the field of voice, wireless, advanced security, and video solutions.

CCNP certification

To get this certification, it is important for you to have at least a year’s experience in networking. The skill earned in this period should have you yearning for advanced knowledge and skill in your field. Some of those who have benefitted from this certification are network engineers, support engineers, systems engineers and network technicians.

When you get this certification, you are not only skilled for today’s technological challenges, you will be ready for any network functions that arise tomorrow. Before acquiring this certification, you need to have got the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification or any CCIE certification.

Why there is demand for this certification

Cisco certifications are one of the most respected in the IT industry. Having one gives your skill credibility and you can easily get employment and promotion anywhere.

The IT sector is growing rapidly. It is the one industry that is incorporated in all other sectors of the economy. This kind of importance should propel you to seek as many certifications as possible to reach your desired designation in the company you work in.

This certification not only causes you to rise in rank, it also enables you to rise in salary structure. You can rise to levels you desire quite easily. Of course after passing the exams attached to this certification.

CCNP certification

How to get the CCNP certification

To get this certification, you need to clear the following exams:

1. Route 300-101

It’s a qualifying exam, which is necessary for the Cisco CCNP Certification. This exam will certify your knowledge and skill in routing. You will be tested in your ability to use advanced IP addressing and routing when implementing highly secure Cisco routers which are connected to WANs, LANs, and IPv6.

There is a lot of information for this exam you can find online. Cisco has study guides on this exam that will help you when studying for this exam.

2. Switch 300-115

You also need to pass this exam if you are seeking the CCNP and CCDP certification. 300-115 exam will prove your knowledge and skill in switching. You will have certification in planning, configuration and verification of complicated enterprise switching solutions which use Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

The information available for this particular exam is vast. It is easy to get lost in the material available to read on this!

3. Tshoot 300-135

You need to have extensive knowledge in troubleshooting and maintenance of Cisco IP networks V2. This exam will test you on this and is a prerequisite for you to get certification in CCNP.

When you pass this exam, it will prove you have the ability to plan and maintain routed and switched networks on complex enterprises. You will also have adequate skill in putting your knowledge to practice by performing troubleshooting tasks.

CCNP exam prep

Guidance to pass CCNP routing and switching exam

Just ask to those who successfully passed the exam in first attempt. Their first thought would be always, “thank goodness I took the switch exam first!” Those would be your reaction and feelings too when you will get and pass the routing exam. No, it is not that the routing exam is harder, but you got to prepare well for the switch exam. Give a good time and routine schedule and study hard for the switch exam. Try to get all the study material needed which you will get mostly surfing online.

You can get the information on switch as there are many online sources providing an in depth and a lot of complex information. Given the volume of information, ensure to spend a lot of time reading on this. It will always pay well and you too can pass the exam and get the certification.

In one of the interview with successful candidate said that, “I realized I had sort of neglected route in my bid to acquire as much information as I could. Luckily, I knew something on route otherwise I definitely would have failed this exam. Tshoot was pretty simple after doing the route exam. Most of the questions were covered in the route exam.” Therefore, it is suggested to read as much as possible on all three exam points. It is extensive reading and it is easy to be taken up by one section, especially one you easily understand. Neglecting one exam means you fail and do not get the certification.

There is a lot of reading material online and Cisco provides an excellent idea of what the exam entails. If you follow this in your study session, you will definitely make it.

There are also many online courses for this certification. They can be costly but if you need help, then go for it. This certification will definitely be worth it.

Doing three exams for one certification may seem too much. However, once you pass the entire exam and get the certification, your career will soar. You will confirm the density of the knowledge you have. Any employer would be glad to have you in their pay roll.

CCNP Routing & Switching exam dumps

There are so many CCNP dumps in many retail stores online as well as some websites. They can come in handy to test your knowledge in expected questions that will be asked. They may not be the exact questions but they will guide you in your study sessions. It will be easy for you to test your ability to respond to questions asked relating to the content of the exam.