Recalibrate Your Business Strategies According to the New Buying Behavior of Consumers

The World Wide Web has greatly changed many aspects of our lives. Aside from improving communications, it has also impacted business advertising. It engendered new buying behaviors among consumers which businesses have to take note of.

An example of this new buying behavior can be readily seen in the way consumers search for products and services that they need. Several decades ago, consumers used to look up at the billboards, peruse the Yellow Pages, and watch TV ads to find products and services. Nowadays, however, they look down to their mobile devices and go online whenever they need a service or product.

New consumers buying behavior

Mobile Searches vs Desktop Searches

Statistical data say that around 1.2 trillion searches happen globally every month, and 91% of internet users use the search tab for searching online. Moreover, in the year 2017, mobile searches far outnumbered searches using desktops. These data are surely indicative of consumers’ changing behavior, and if you are a flexible businessman, these statistical data should readily give you a heads-up on how you should strategize your business marketing.

While assuming a new slant in your advertising strategies and tactics, you also need to have a business website to serve as the online marketing arm of your business.

A Great Website to Get You Started

The goal of having a website is to have greater online visibility for your business. But to achieve greater visibility, you need a highly optimized website that ranks high in the search engine result page (SERP).

Your business website represents your business brand online, and if it is sloppily made, it defeats its purpose. You should fashion it, therefore, in such a way that those who would visit it (whether unintentionally or intentionally) would linger longer on it. You can achieve this by improving its quality — a quality website has awesome appearance and quality content, and is functional, user-friendly, and highly optimized for SEO.

Mobile advertising

Make Use of Exit Pop-ups

Another goal of SEO is to keep your visitors wholly enthused when they visit your business site. But interest is hard to maintain, and soon visitors will be clicking on the exit button. Hence, you should also equip your site with the best exit pop-ups. Exit pop-ups are like hooks that keep prospective clients anchored to your website even if they have already decided to exit it. These exit pop-ups contain an explanation, special offer, or promotion as a last-resort effort to convert visitors into actual customers or clients.

There are basically two types of exit pop ups: a system exit pop up and designed exit pop-up. The system exit pop-up usually appears when the visitor clicks on the “x” icon to close the landing page of your website. On the other hand, designed exit pop-ups can be configured according to your design, and it is highly sensitive to any cursor movement that indicates that the visitor is about to exit the current tab.

Just make sure that your use of exit pop-ups doesn’t harm your website SEO.