The Importance of What You Wear in Projecting Your Business’ Image

When you’re attending a business meeting, going to a sales pitch, going to an interview, trying to get a promotion or simply going out to lunch with your business partners, your image says everything. Sometimes in business, it takes a powerful image to sell a product or service. Indeed, when you attend any kind of business meeting, you want to project authority, confidence, and style.

Business people having a meeting


You are the master of your domain and you’re the authority expert in the field of your line of work. If you’re selling a product, you’re the keen expert on that product. No one should ever question whether or not you do something for a living or ask if you’ve ever done a specific act before if you’re trying to sell something related.

Your business image can absolutely impact on how people see you as an authority figure. Someone who isn’t dressed up properly may not be taken seriously at all by other peers or business people.


You need to project confidence in whatever it is that you’re doing or selling. People need to know that you have the best product to offer on the market and that your competitors don’t stand a chance. To do this, you need to have a good business image and what you wear can impact how confident clients think you are.

If you see someone dressed like a complete slob trying to sell a product, how confident are you going to be in that person’s ability to convey the importance of the product’s benefits? You probably won’t see that person as a trustworthy salesman either and their overall sales figures will drop.


What you wear also plays a really big role, because of the two issues mentioned above and a lot more. When you show up in style and are wearing the best-looking suit in the room, people will pay more attention to what you have to say. Indeed, attending a business meeting as the best dressed, they’ll have a better chance of getting their point across and selling an idea to people.

Stylish and confident businesswoman

Do you know what else can make or break your business image? The jewelry you wear.

Jewelries are important in bringing not only authority, confidence and style to a business meeting, but also making sure you show up with the best jewelry to woo over your customers, your clients or even your boss. Now, enter the cost issues.

You essentially need to find a store that offer the best value for your money.  Whether it’s gold, watches, rings, earrings, diamonds, etc., stores like Riverside Jewelry can provide you with quality jewelries, as well as the opportunity for a consultation.

When you show up to that business meeting, you may want to show up wearing the flashiest, the freshest and the best jewelry to display power. Sounds too fancy? Maybe, but that’s how it goes in the business world: Wearing shiny high-end jewelry to a business meeting projects a certain level of power and gets people to listen to you.

Watches, for example, aren’t often used for telling the time anymore since everyone uses a smartphone for that. Watches are not only a distraction but they greatly boost your business image.

What about rings though? Rings are also a great image projection, as long as you don’t overdo it. Think about how jealous women get from other women that have fat diamonds in their wedding rings. The same thing happens to businessmen when you show up wearing a top-tier ring. You bring something shiny to the conversation and your voice will be heard more.


Finding the right jewelry for you depends on your personal preferences and your sense of style. Jewelry doesn’t help you for every business-related situation but when you show up to that meeting or interview with stylish jewelry on, you’ll be far more likely to land the job or the sale than if you hadn’t.  Experts tell you just that.