How to Start a Writing Business: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Many people still don’t believe one can earn a decent income running a writing business. For them, it is insane for people to quit their office job to become full-time writers. They forget that they, the ever-increasing number of online businesses and readers are responsible for the increase in demand for writers.

According to thesis helpers, there is room for everyone to succeed in writing business as the industry is never saturated. So, if you are planning to start a writing business, check out these tips on how to go about it.

Writing business owner

1. Create a working plan

Your writing service isa a plan. And it is this plan that will guide your path. However, your business plan doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Just make it simple, but cover areas like your financial target, working hours, and other things you think you need to address before kick-starting your business.

While creating a plan for your business, make sure it is realistic. Realistic in the sense that you can achieve your targeted goals or that running the company in the proposed path as stated in your plan would lead you to success. Also, don’t forget to set your business rates. You can charge per word or 500 words. Conduct research to know the prices your competitors are charging. With that idea, try to make yours a bit lower to attract more clients and secure more writing tasks.

Your working plan can be short term or long term. It all depends on what you can handle. Also work with the mindset that, as your business continues to grow, you may need to carry out certain adjustments on your initial business plan. But even at that, there will be no need to discard the first plan.

2. Build a professional website

The next step after the completion of your business plan should be to build a professional website. Although it is possible to create and launch a site on free web platforms like Blogger and WordPress, these could limit your reach. There is also a high possibility that clients will not take you seriously when they find you on such platforms.

Treat your writing business like a business. You need to show you are ready and serious about the company by investing in a website. If you cannot set up a site on WordPress or other platforms by yourself, then hire someone to help you out

Also, invest in a domain name from a reliable platform. One of the benefits is that some of the hosting platforms usually come with customized company emails you can use to reach out to your clients and writers. With such emails, you will look more professional whenever you contact your clients.

3. Get ideas from competitors

This tip should have been the first on this list because of its importance for beginners and existing online writing business owners. As a beginner, you need to know what your competitors do that makes them unique. Do they deliver their work on time? Are they offering free revisions? Do they provide free samples? And so on.

Your business model may not be precisely likely theirs. Just have a look at what they are doing differently and tweak it a bit to suit your business style. Your fees, as earlier said, can make you stand out and bring in more writing tasks.

However, offering lower fees isn’t the only thing that can make you stand out or bring in more writing tasks. According to an editing job expert, you need to work on your site too. Ensure your SEO strategy is in good shape so that you can appear on the front page of search engines, and for more potential clients to locate you.

You can learn about and make use of tools like SEMrush, and Google Analytics to track the performance of your website. SEMrush, for example, can provide you with information on different keywords. It can also help you identify sites that are ranking higher for those keywords, including other details like keyword search volume and keyword difficulty (KD).

Team of writers

4. Recruit other writers like yourself

The point here is to hire other writers like yourself, meaning they should be capable of providing the quality of work that you deliver to your clients. Anything short of that can damage your business reputation and even end your relationship with your clients.

So, before hiring writers or assigning tasks to them, try to test their writing skills. You can assign writing test of 250 words or less to know if they can deliver the quality of writing you seek.

5. Stay consistent

Consistency is vital in writing business. If you can deliver quality articles or papers on a regular basis, your clients will look for you or wait even when you are busy with other tasks. And have in mind that writing is one of the online jobs college students do. So, you have to understand that a healthy competition awaits you in this niche. Try to give your best at all times, and do not quit improving your knowledge and skills.


These are simple steps you need to take when starting a writing business. You can also make your contribution or think about areas you need to address before launching your business. Have the mindset that you can earn a decent income as a writer that could even take care of your bills. But you must aspire to deliver the best quality of writing if you want to succeed in this business.