Take Your Small Business to New Heights With The Right Marketing Choices

Managing to develop and expand a small business is not exactly an easy task, considering the level of competition this one faces. Appealing profits and reasonable brand success may seem distant goals, but with the right movements, you could actually achieve the growth desire far more rapidly than expected.

Even the largest and most successful corporations out there have started out as small organizations, so as long as you take the right steps on the path towards success, your objectives can become reality.

Pop-up stand in a business expo
photo credit: IAVM WHQ / Flickr

Marketing is essential in your position, and among the wide variety of strategies you have the possibility to result to, these are the options most suitable for small business interested in spreading awareness:

Facebook ads

Facebook ads

Almost any business that has achieved expansion in the digital era has resorted to at least one form of online advertising. Using the internet and digital tools to your advantage is the wise thing to do, especially considering these options are affordable and easy to implement.

Facebook ads are among the most popular strategies, when it comes to advertising a product or a service. Today’s generation of consumers are tech-driven individuals, who keep up with the latest digital trends, and most of them spend quite a lot of time on social media. Thus, dining ways to advertise your brand on the right channels will enable you to achieve expansion.

Facebook ads can be personalized to appear only on the timeline of those who would actually have an interest in what you are offering. Some carefully created ads together with proper social media engagement will increase your odds of doubling your profits in an optimal period of time, Focus enough of your efforts towards digital marketing, and the positive effects will not take long to show.

The power of carefully-designed display

Trade show display

Traditional marketing still manages to provide amazing returns, especially among small businesses, and the options that work best are the ones that rely on visual.

Displays have the role of catching interest rapidly and thus determine potential customers to inform themselves on a certain brand further. Popup stands used at the right place and time could generate a higher clientele increase than you would expect.

As long as you put the image of our enterprise in a good light, use interesting and visually appealing logos, smart mottos and catch phrases, a display stand will most definitely attract passer-by’s and perhaps turn them into your loyal clients. Moreover companies are sorting to this form of traditional advertising, and the majority of campaigns that include elements of this kind have provided impressive results, so this is certainly something worth trying.

Using email marketing campaign for personalized advertising

I want your email
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Email marketing is a strategy that has been long used by companies, but this campaign type looks entirely different today than it used to. Now, with the help of advanced technology, and tools that are continuously bringing new features to the table, your advertising emails can be personalized in order to peak the exact interest of your recipient.

Emails that contain customized deals and offers are more likely to generate a response from those receiving them. Being affordable – perfect for the small budget of businesses that are just starting out – email marketing will not disappoint you, as long as you make the most of this strategy.

Distributing promotional materials

Missill retro flyer
Retro flyer front (left) and back (right) – image credit: Roberto Salvador / Behance

A flyer that illustrates what your brand is all about and what deals you have in store at the moment, a coupon with discounts on your products are two powerful examples of promotional materials that may help you bring new customers. Falling under the same category as Popup Display Stands – traditional marketing campaigns – promotional materials are recommended to be used by small businesses that are trying to target a local clientele range.

Whether you hire staff for their distribution in areas with high traffic, or you resort to direct mail marketing solutions, these elements will bring you beneficial results. However, you should keep in mind that in order for promotional materials to actually work and pay off, you need to bring something new to the table, to offer deals that are appealing to your targeted audience.

You can consult yourself with a specialist on the matter, and choose the right direction for this specific marketing movement.\


Regardless of profile, managing to develop a small business into a successful organization, perhaps one with even with an international reach, means you need to dedicate enough of your time and resources to marketing and advertising. Spreading the word around and creating awareness for your brand will be necessary, if you want to achieve an appealing level of profitability and keep up with an already competitive market.

While your options might seem to be plenty, the marketing choices mentioned above will offer you guaranteed results, so make sure to direct your attention and focus towards these few options first.