5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Invest in a Panic Button Security System

No one expects unwanted situations. However, sometimes accidents can happen.

During an emergency situation, security of your loved ones and employees need to be your priority. Period!

Apart from investing in old fashioned security systems for your home and office, what else can you do? Investing in a modern panic button with features such as e911, voice, text and email notification and real time chat will enhance your approach towards their safety significantly.

Panic button in business premise

Simply put, a panic button is a switch or a button which is designed to alert authorities or your co-workers or people in the premise during an emergency situation.

Companies in the banking and finance sector should not be the only ones who need a panic button because emergency situations can arise anywhere, anytime.

That said, here are some reasons why you would think it is necessary to install a panic button at your premise:

Acts as a warning or alert

Fire alarms, burglar alerts and many other such buttons can help you keep damage to a minimum as it can act as a warning/alert for everyone. Imagine a situation, say, a fire outbreak or any of your employees sees a stranger entering the office during odd hours. A panic button can be used to alert the authorities as well as other employees to prevent adverse situations, i.e. fire from spreading to more areas, or burglars damaging the property in any way.

Employees feel safer

Obviously, all emergency situations have severe consequences. If your organisation is not equipped with a reliable security system, then it will not just increase the probability of emergencies, but will also distract your employees. They need to feel safe in their work environment, and a panic button can help you achieve it efficiently. Knowing that they can call for help in an emergency situation that comes their way will make them feel safer in their work environment.

Everyone can access it

Like we said, emergency situations don’t just pop up at banks or head offices; they can arise anywhere, anytime. Your approach towards installing panic buttons should make sure that everyone in the premises can access it. This is the only way to make your employees feel safer and prevent as many adverse situations as possible.

Pressing the panic button

More efficient in alerting the authorities

Writing a text message or calling a number may seem like an easy task, but during an emergency, they become the most challenging ones. A modern panic button integrated security system is advisable for every office and home because it allows you to configure it with respective messages (pre-written text messages) and numbers, and you just have to press a single button to alert and summon the authorities needs in that emergency situation. It is a much quicker and safer option, as it reduces summoning time significantly.

Saves money

Installing a panic button in the entire office may seem like an unnecessary expense after spending a fortune on modern security systems; however, you should understand its significance. Apart from saving lives, panic buttons will also protect your premises from any major hazard, as they can be efficiently used to alert the authorities on time. It may surprise you to know how costly damages can get; imagine a fire breaking out on the lower level of your office, and there is no panic button to summon the fire brigade. Won’t it damage the entire interiors or may as well cause danger to the upper levels too? It may be an expensive investment, but a wise one indeed.

Adhering to all the safety regulations, i.e. fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and burglar, does not seem enough because emergencies can be of any sort.

You need to identify the right areas and install a panic button without any second thoughts to make sure that you, your employees and your office stay safe from all types of emergency situations. Think it out for a second. Improving your security systems can ensure a safe work environment and encourage productivity. It is always better to be safe than sorry.