How to Boost Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation

There are currently hundreds of tools and tactics a savvy marketer can use to improve conversions. From blog posts and social media, to infographics and email marketing. However, one particular tool has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years – explainer videos. They’re an excellent way of telling people about your product or brand. They’re memorable, easy to comprehend, and don’t eat up your entire marketing budget. This article will delve into whiteboard animation, a subtype of such videos that stands out from the crowd, due to its unusual style.

whiteboard animations are a great marketing tool

Let’s learn how to best use whiteboard animation for maximum impact in your next marketing campaign.

Teach people about your brand

Whiteboard animation is a perfect tool for breaking down complex ideas, making them easier to understand. This is particularly important for brands that sell original products and services that require consumer education. In such cases, whiteboard animation is likely to be more efficient than text or a live-action video. It’s long been show that animation improves information retention when compared to live action video of a “talking head.”

One study presented a whiteboard animation to one group of people. The other was presented a talking head video. The whiteboard group had 22 percent greater retention rate. This is because animation is more engaging and funny, and doesn’t contain as many distractions. They’re simple, and aimed specifically at passing on only the message you want to convey. Here’s an example of a good guide explaining how to create high-quality whiteboard animations whenever you choose to use them.

Spice up your email marketing strategy

Placing a video into your email will increase click-through rates by up to 300 percent. If you have an exciting and engaging video about your product or service, there’s no reason not to use it as a part of your email marketing strategy. Engaging and high-quality content is much less likely to lead to unsubscribers. Also, videos aren’t often used in emails, which means that they will immediately cause your emails to stand out and attract attention to themselves.

Use brand colors to increase brand recognition

Advertising is over-saturated with brands using the same marketing tools to promote themselves. Leading to far too many of the same videos that look great. Unfortunately, they’re quickly forgotten. Or, worse yet, they’re so forgettable that they get mixed in with advertising materials other brands. Whiteboard animation can help you out of this predicament.

White and black are the only colors used, making them simple to design. However, nothing prevents you from using additional colors. Meaning you can also use brand-specific colors. If all color input the viewer gets is limited to a few colors associated with your brand, they are going to be burned into her memory. This means your video will be much less likely to be lumped into all the rest circulating online. Don’t overdo it. Use just enough color to make it noticeable and memorable. The more of it you use, the less its impact is going to be.

Stick to the basics

Whiteboard animation is a simple tool that has only three basic elements: the white background, the black drawing that continues for the entire duration of the video, and the drawing hand. You can add colors, as mentioned. However, the more you add to the video, the more likelihood you’ll distract the viewer. The more complicated your video gets, the less effective it becomes. Choose all elements carefully, or risk losing all the benefits whiteboard animation can offer.

Create multiple videos

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to create a video that showcases all your products and services. However, to keep your audience engaged, you should create multiple videos related to different products or aspects of your business. When published regularly, they’ll keep your clients interested in your products long-term. If you manage to make your videos interesting and/or funny, people are going to view them for that reason alone. This leads to more conversions and returning customers.

Focus on the customers’ problems

Your video should be built around the problems experienced by your clients and how to solve them, not around the features of your products. People are selfish creatures, and the first thing they ask when encountering content of any kind is “What is in it for me?” Answer this question from the get-go, and your whiteboard animation is going to be a success.

Whiteboard animation is a universal marketing tool – learn how to use it, and you’ll definitely get an edge on the competition.