Cisco Webex Assistant : What is it and How can it Help Small Businesses?

By now we’re all familiar with the likes of popular AI technology like Siri, Alexa and the Google assistant, with many of us now using at least one of them ourselves. With the advancement of technology, they’ve come into more and more use, giving us the latest news, directions and answers to our most burning questions all with just our voice.

Now Cisco has introduced its own version, the amazing Cisco WebEx Assistant, designed to be a work version compared to the above home versions. Let’s take a look at one of the latest and greatest AI visual collaboration tools on the market, the Cisco WebEx Assistant, and how it can improve video collaboration in the workplace.

Key Features

The Cisco WebEx Assistant was designed with ease-of-use in mind, nobody wants to mess around with a voice recognition device that takes too long to recognise what’s going on. Some of its key features include:

  • Interactive audio visuals featuring whiteboards, projection displays, digital signage, presentation systems, video walls, and many other features.
  • Screen sharing and voice recognition software enables fast and efficient communication and idea sharing.
  • Start and recording remote meetings via high resolution video remotely and securely via digital smart rooms.
  • Capture and save all pertinent notes from each meeting.
  • Proactively monitors and remotely controls all your AV, VC, and UC devices.
  • Perfect for locating, retrieving and displaying documents.
  • Analytics help IT teams identify how effectively meeting rooms are being utilized by team members.
  • Allows for seamless management and scheduling of meeting rooms.
  • Cisco is partnered with leading technology companies that help continuously innovate this product.

While these are all possible with traditional means, it can be extremely useful when you have a very large meeting, moving back and forth around the room can be quite troublesome. Just shouting out the command will allow you to keep the meeting moving, allowing you to collaborate at a much better pace.

With a plan to expand on its features in the future, there’s never been a better time to jump in and take advantage. Cisco is dedicated to improving AI, to ensure that it merges seamlessly with daily activities so that we can perform all our work tasks via voice if needed. They also have key partnerships with some of the biggest tech firms on the planet including Microsoft, Google, Logitech, Polycom, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, and several other big players in the technology scene.

Cisco Webex Assistant in meeting room
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Benefits In The Workplace

Implementing this within the workplace can provide many benefits to you and your workforce, whether it’s a large or small company. We’ve all been in them meetings where there’s a large amount of people, and it takes better part of half a day to get through everything. With so many devices and people, it can often be hard to run the meeting, severely affecting workplace productivity.

The Cisco WebEx assistant can take remote teams to an entirely different level by offering faster communication via smart technology, and erasing many of the common barriers associated with in-office presentations, virtual meetings, webinars, training sessions, and streaming sessions.

Faster, uninterrupted communication

There’s nothing worse than running virtual meetings with one or several remote attendees using buggy software. We all remember the days not too long ago when a Skype meeting entailed endless delays, screen freezes, distorted voices, poor screen sharing capability, and was basically more frustration than it was worth. Bringing an intuitive cloud-based API that uses artificial intelligence into your meeting rooms means no more delays, scrambling through notes, or desperately searching for information on your device.

Erases technology barriers across multiple devices

The WebEx Assistant erases problems of the past, where companies were forced to shell out thousands to provide employees with expensive devices and purchase software in order to avoid cross-compatibility issues between different devices, operating systems, and remote viewing platforms. WebEx works flawlessly with any device, operating system, social chat, or local desktop viewing application. Being web and cloud based, users simply download an app to their PC, laptop, or device and sign in using their assigned password.

Screen sharing and voice recognition software enables fast and efficient communication and idea sharing.
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Cisco WebEx Assistant and voice apps alike come in very handy here, giving the person running the meeting unrivalled control over the meeting room, without having a restriction on where they must sit and conduct their work. Being able to run the meeting through voice speeds up the meeting exponentially and enables everybody to get on with their work, to collaborate seamlessly without the meeting itself slowing them down.

Get in touch with a Cisco WebEx provider today, such as Kinly, and see how much it can improve your workplace productivity.