Best Technology to Help You Get Started With Your First Business

When looking to invest in technology for your startup business, it can seem tempting to reach for the latest pieces of equipment, however, are they really the best? You may want to apply for a short-term loan for this tech, however, this should be used for financial emergencies only, and not for getting your hands on the latest technology when you already have something that will get the job done.

Startup Technology Checklist

Today we’re going to look at the best technology to help you get started with your first business, without taking out a loan.

Project Management Systems

The purchase of a project management system is very beneficial to a small business. Even though it creates a slightly higher upfront cost, a project management system can be used to track workload, and ensure that everything is working to meet deadlines. Although this may seem like an extra expense at the beginning of the startup phase, it is an important element that will help with the increase in workload as the business begins to grow.

Reliable Computers

Having reliable, stable computers is paramount, in order for productivity to be optimized without any slow, broken computers wasting precious work time. Although it may seem like the cheaper option is to not opt for the latest computer, they pay you back with productivity and reliability.

Artisan investing in technology

Purchasing the latest computers on the market for your employees ensures they’ll last longer, work faster, and contain all of the latest updates. Whats more, if you buy computers in bulk for, you may even get a discount.

Money Management Software

In addition to having the best technology in the office, there are other areas you can use technology to help you with your first business venture, such as saving money. With money management software, such as Mint and Tycoon allowing you to use your phone to manage money and investments, there’s plenty that can be done to help save when launching your first business venture.

For instance, if your business is trading in cryptocurrencies, then you can also use money management software like as Coinbase, to help you track the value of your currency, and the amount of money that you’re transferring.

Startup Technology Checklist


As IoT continues to grow, its integration into the office space is definitely something worth thinking about. With different technology, including phones, computers, lights and heating all connected to the internet of things, you can control everything in your office at the touch of a button. This is beneficial to startups, as it allows you to continue working, without having to spend time getting up to make changes to the lighting, heating, etc


Technology is the perfect way to help you to get started with your first startup business venture — and all those that follow — and grow your businesses into thriving international successes. Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas to help you get started with your first business without having to take out a loan.