Product Design in Marketing: Tips for 2019

Product design is very important for every brand as it is what differentiates it from other brands. It is the way an organization decides to arrange its product’s features and benefits to present it successfully to a customer.

In the past few years, product design has rapidly evolved. Many products we’re using today will look completely different in a few decades, but product design will remain to be the crucial connection between the product and a customer.

Ikea Place Augmented Reality (AR) app

Product design in marketing is a direct reflection of the consumer’s world. So, let’s see what you should do to ensure you stay at the top of this game in 2019.

1. Focus on user experience

User experience was vital already in 2018, but this year, users might get even more attention from the brands. Today’s users want their experience to be simpler, smarter and more personalized.

Voice and visual technology solutions are becoming standards for more and more companies in order to enhance the overall experience for their users. Also, there is augmented reality (AR) which has already been implemented in airports, healthcare, home decor, and cosmetic companies, etc.

One of the most successful examples is Ikea place app which helps you avoid the risk of delivered furniture not fitting into your space.

2. Modularity is the norm

There is a growing need for interconnectedness and integration of various products and designers are applying the principles of modularity to connect products, so they have a greater purpose. With a focus on design flexibility and product integration, modular approach completely understands how products can be merged efficiently together.

The connection is key when talking about finding the best way to use products in today’s life. Take helical line products for example. To ensure the best quality, you will need its accessories, such as dead-end grip. It’s simple to install them, and they work in simple ways. However, by not making sure they’re installed, you’re risking the overall quality of the helical line product. In other words, everything is connected, and everything matters.

3. Make your products green

An eco-friendly highlighter pen

The similar way that modularity is important for our lives, sustainability and energy efficiency is important for the future of our environment. As consumers as becoming more aware of the importance of being eco-friendly and buying green products, companies have no choice but to adapt to it.

Sustainability implies choosing the right production materials and constantly lowering the carbon footprint. Companies all over the world are embracing this concept as their official company policy. This will, for sure, have a giant impact on product design this year, as well as on the company’s marketing and sales results.

4. Make the most out of 3D printing

3D printing technology

This technology is so widely spread already that we’re all aware of the influence it had on product design over the past few years. As it’s been successfully implemented across many industries and for various purposes, it will definitely have its place in 2019 and years to come. With significant accomplishments in architecture, 3D printing technology will even be responsible for the completion of famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

To make the most out of their business, marketing executives will definitely have to consider including this exciting technology into their strategy.

5. Don’t forget about retro shades

Retro typewriter

There’s no doubt about it, people love advanced technology and user experience with futuristic elements. It makes them feel comfortable and entertained while interacting with such products. The need to feel relaxed and laid back is what is bringing back the colors of, and 70’s back: gold, bronze, brown, burgundy, silver, grey, and every shade in between.

Besides colors, this will also be applied in the choice of material. Wood will become the first choice for many companies so we will see more of wooden elements all around us this year.

Overall, product design is in for a very exciting, creative and challenging year. As a lot of marketing executives have already shown interest or even implemented some of these ideas into their strategies, this field is really rapidly evolving.

After all, making life easier and more enjoyable for customers is the ultimate goal for 2019 and companies are find their ways to achieve that.