6 Best Options For The Perfect Business Growth

Let’s accept it, there will always be competition in your business. Be it direct or indirect, the competition will try to step on your feet to take away customers. But fear not, such competitions is healthy for you and your customers.

Business growth tips

As a merchant, you need it to keep you innovating, looking for ways to compete legally and using attraction and retention strategies. Without it you would become vague and reactive and you would not give your maximum potential.

As a customer, the competition favors you. You can stay where they treat you well, leave if they do not, compare prices, seek better services, conveniences, better products and countless options where smart merchants take advantage so that you spend your money on them.

The serious mistake of us, the businessmen, is to believe that simply because we offer a product / service, nothing else has to be done and that it is enough to sell it to some customers / consumers, wait for them to come back and continue to sell them, especially if there is no competition close. You need to make growth your mantra.

Here are five options for improving your business growth:

1. Be clear about your vision

  • Look to the future to know where you want to go;
  • Stay tuned for trends reading articles, the newspaper, magazines and everything that concerns your field of business and also from the economy to know what strategies you can implement so you do not have to complain about being stitched wrong (as many traders do);
  • Listen carefully to your customers (if the one who bought the dye will listen).
  • Have a clear vision of why you are in business to communicate it to your customers.

2. Put passion into what you do

  • Serve your customers;
  • Listen to their needs;
  • Ask them constantly to tell you how to improve;
  • Send them thank you cards (by hand if possible);
  • Smile, greet them, say good morning, thank you, come back soon, we value you.

3.  Use business tools

Invest in the available business tools. For example, use Dyncamics from Microsoft or any other tools for your resource planning endeavors.

Business innovation

4. Be willing to change and innovate

  • Do not ‘fall asleep’ so customers do not leave;
  • Improve service, customer service;
  • Improve the products or services;
  • It offers conveniences, such as a web page, printed or electronic bulletins, better schedules, and so on;
  • Stay alert to the competition. Study your movements to take advantage of it.

5. Looking to grow constantly

  • Partner with other businesses to attract more customers;
  • Join non-profit organizations;
  • Share your money to open the channel to receive more money;
  • Support the community;
  • Support other entrepreneurs.


These universal rules that I just shared with you are the ones you really need to make your business flourish and stay ahead of your competitors because vision engenders passion.