3 Reasons Australia Is the Place Young Millennials Want to Work in 2019

Choosing a country to live in as an American isn’t easy in the least. There are countless things to consider, such as language barriers, currency values, cultural differences, diplomatic issues, and, of course, what type of jobs or even career paths are available.

While some are adventurous enough to just up and leave everyone and everything they know behind at a drop of a dime, others like to play it safe so the adventure doesn’t turn into a fiasco. If you’re cut from the later cloth, then this informative article has been written just for you.

Sydney, Australia

Writing from personal experience, out of all the places I’ve lived in the world, Australia treated me the best. Below are three of the top reasons I recommend Australia for any fellow Las Vegan considering a change of scenery.

1. Australia Feels a Lot Like Home

You might very well be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t the point of trying out life in another country to experience something new?” Though you may find a few similarities between the United States and Australia, like how Aussies are brimming with patriotism and yet laid-back as well.

The thing that places Australia at the top of the list is actually the uniqueness of its geology and climate. It’s a country and a continent all in one and enjoys various climate zones, which allows you to enjoy everything from a tropical climate to the north, cool summers to the south, and the desert outback in between. And though the United States shares slightly similar traits, Australia features land masses and wildlife only found on that continent.

2. Australia Has Plenty of Jobs Depending on the Sector

As most people grow to realize as the get older and a bit wiser, the condition or state of something depends on who you’re asking. Nevertheless, one thing few sane people can disagree on is the precarious job market faced by Americans. One would think a bustling city such as Las Vegas would have been somewhat protected by financial downturns, but we just started seeing a recovery take shape before the New Year and analysts are already warning it’s merely temporary relief.

However, Asia is looking to become the next frontier. Australia isn’t a part of Asia, being that they’re defined as two separate continents. Nevertheless, both Australia and its very close neighbor, New Zealand, are critical components of the greater Asia Pacific region. Thus, living, studying, and working in Australia places you at somewhat of an epicenter of tourism, global trade, and a lot more.

For example, while tens of thousands of American logistic jobs are being lost as a direct result of Trump’s global tariff war, tens of thousands of the same jobs are in demand in Australia. If you’re wondering how you could achieve obtaining a career in the logistics and supply chain sector, why not learn about Australia while taking flexible online courses for logistics and supply chain management?

What if you don’t want a job, but want to start your own business? No worries, because Australia – pretty much like America – is the land of hopes and dream; entrepreneurship is very much supported in the OZ, and if you’re bootstrapping your way to success, you can always access the widely available virtual offices and other supporting services.  All you’ve got to do is google for, say, “Brisbane virtual offices,” and voila – hundreds if not thousands option you can choose from.

Staff consulting with doctor

Other career paths that are really taking off in Australia include:

  • Healthcare and Social Services
  • Education and Training
  • Construction
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Tourism, Accommodation, and Food Services
  • Retail
  • Transportation, Postal Services, and Public Safety
  • Entertainment

3. Australia Has an Excellent Healthcare System

If you’ve been a resident of Las Vegas for long enough, you know all the complaints that swirl around the Vegas healthcare system. With all of the tax revenue the city receives from the gambling industry which includes tourism, you would think things would be better than other cities in the United States.

However, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published that Las Vegas has repeatedly been falling quite short in the healthcare department. That was in 2018, and it doesn’t look to get any better any time soon.

When it comes to the healthcare situation in Australia, it’s one of the best in the world. Medicare is governed by the Australian government, and covers all residents, including most foreigners who are listed as permanent residents. That means if you’re living there and attending school or working, you’ll be covered by the best healthcare system on the globe.