U.S. Money Reserve’s Innovative Summer Internship Program Rocks On

Summer internships are an excellent way to engage and guide new talent within various industries. They are also a tremendous opportunity to create the next successor within a business, be it with a current or future career path. According to the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition, student participation in multiple internships while in post-secondary college can help these individuals secure employment within six months of graduation.

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Perhaps that is why U.S. Money Reserve has placed such an emphasis on internship programs over the last two years, because of the success derived from its program.

Back in February of 2016, U.S. Money Reserve launched an internship program that was very much a pilot of sorts. The program began when Jim Warren, who is the vice president of marketing & communication for U.S. Money Reserve, hired Mallory Burgess, currently a media buyer for the business. Burgess was tasked with starting the internship program after she interned with Warren at a previous firm, and the two started on this journey.

Thus, the story began, a first of its kind within U.S. Money Reserve, though one that would pave the way for two years of significant success.

The Benefit of Internship Programs

More and more companies are launching internship programs, and increasingly more companies are discovering the benefits of such initiatives. The question that most companies face during the initial phase of such a decision is “why should I hire an intern?”

Every internship program is different for every business, though there are three similar benefits that are found across industries.

1. Interns offer a fresh and often unique perspective

While your team may very well be strong in its own right, you can draw a fresh perspective from anyone outside of your industry or direct team. Bringing in students who are not privy to your day-to-day process can provide unique points of view for business strategy, project plans, and more.

2. You can identify the future talent of your business

It can be a risk to hire people who have never worked at your company before. Those who are familiar with your corporate story and internal processes can be more valuable in upper-level roles than those who are brand new. Many companies retain interns as entry-level hires for this very reason.

3. Interns provide mentorship and leadership opportunities

Many people, especially those in executive roles, seek to mentor young people. Such internship programs can afford these leaders the ability to connect with students in a meaningful way, helping guide them into the first steps of their careers. Mentorship opportunities, both for the mentor and the mentee, are invaluable.

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U.S. Money Reserve’s Approach to Internship Programs

Celebrating two years of running a successful internship program, U.S. Money Reserve has taken a growth approach to its intern strategy.

The aforementioned Warren and Burgess spearheaded the initiative. The pair has grown the program to host positions in RTF (radio/television/film), social media, and design for this semester. The company has also expanded to include the role of an intern supervisor, Sierra Taylor, to assist in running the program. This new role of intern supervisor will oversee the intern team, providing selected interns with support with project management, training, and overall success.

The position of intern supervisor requires an innovative and forward-thinking attitude, as this person will ensure support of selected interns along every step of their journey.

To view internship openings with U.S. Money Reserve, you can visit the company’s careers page.

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