Working from Home: 5 Tips To Secure Your Home Safe

Many people are now preferring the freedom and convenience of working from home. Starting your small outfit or freelance venture can be overwhelming, and you might end up forgetting that your home office needs a robust security system. Like any other office or business, you will still be dealing with sensitive data; credit card information, clients’ data, financial documents, and contracts.

Businessman working from home

This guide will help you secure your home office to ensure reduced conflict and breaches:

Ensure security from external threats

You need to ensure that your physical work station is adequately protected from all threats. Install robust doors with sturdy frames and locks. You can further enhance your door with deadbolts and smart locks. Also, keep your windows locked and install glass-break sensors to get an alarm in case a burglar tries to pry them open. Be sure to lock your working space as you leave.

Install a home safe

You need to have a second layer of security in the event that your doors and windows are compromised.

One of the most foolproof options would be to procure a high-grade safe for storing your critical business documents. The best home safe brands will provide you with a burglar proof, fire and water-resistant safe that will keep your documents and other business valuables secure. Carry out some research and find a safe that will handle all your requirements.

Secure your work computer

The next thing that makes you vulnerable to attack would be your workplace computer. To secure it from criminals, install a VPN on the computer and set a foolproof password that is not your birthday or your pet’s name spelled backward.

You also need to invest in strong, reliable antivirus software that will scan your computer for viruses, keep your browsing secure and scan any thumb drives that you attach to it. Don’t forget to obtain original software from reliable vendors.

RSA SecurID IT security system

Avoid using your work computer for any other purposes, and keep it away from your family members. This may sound mean, but keeping it to yourself keeps you in control and responsible for any data breaches.

Finally, encrypt the data on your hard drive to keep it safe even if someone pried it out.

Get a shredder

People with ill intentions will do anything to obtain information, including digging through your trash. To be sure that the documents you no longer need are not used against you later, buy and use a cross-cut shredder. This machine will destroy your documents and reduce the chances of them being put back together.

Secure your home network

Your router is a sure target for tech-savvy criminals. To protect yourself, obtain a reliable, original router, then hide and protect your home Wi-Fi with WPA2 encryption. Also, update your firmware as often as possible, and change your password regularly.


To ensure that your home business runs smoothly, you need to take your security seriously. The points listed above will help you keep your office safe, but you need to enforce them regularly to prevent surprise attacks.