Top 10 Real Estate Related Business Ideas For 2019

If you have a penchant for real estate and are considering starting a business in the field, you might be surprised at the large amount of opportunities that await. There are so many areas of real estate that can be specialized in, and there are plenty of people making healthy incomes by running businesses in real estate.

French Knot, one of the leading online homewares and home decor stores, shares a list of top 10 real estate related business ideas for 2019.

Real estate agent with her clients

1. Real Estate Agent

If you can see yourself showing houses, writing listings, and helping buyers and sellers connect, then you might be interested in becoming a real estate agents. Real estate agents do MUCH more than just show houses, and you can become a valuable part of the home buying process for clients in your area.

Real estate agents typically are prominent figures in communities across the country and are respected for the services they offer. Real estate agents typically attend a class and take an exam to become certified.

2. Landlord

Do you have a property that’s vacant? Many people become a landlord because they moved from one house to another or have a second home they’d like to make money from.

As a landlord, you can make money from your second property and even help pay off a mortgage, if you have one. If not, then you’re looking at a pure stream of income. If you are interested in investing in property, you can buy a property to rent, and potentially even build up your properties with several rentals.

3. Property Management

If you want to help others rent out their properties, then a career and business in property management could be just for you. Property management companies tend to help clients with listing their properties, screening tenants, maintaining properties, creating contracts, and more.

As a property management professional, you would help landlords put up their feet and relax while you take care of the finer details of their rentals. In some states, property management pros are required to have extra education or licensing, so be sure to check with your ordinance.

4. Authority in Real Estate

If you have a wealth of information in real estate, you could make a living as a authority in real estate. You might launch a website with local listings, create a blog, host a TV show or YouTube channel on real estate, or host workshops to help potential buyers, sellers, and investors navigate the market.

If you have experience in media, sales, or consulting and absolutely love sharing real estate tidbits with others, then being an authority in real estate could be the ideal career for you!

5. Bird Dog

Do you enjoy helping people find great deals? If so, then you could find success going into business as a bird dog. A bird dog is someone who helps investors find great deals. Bird dogs are typically compensated with either a percentage of the deal or a flat rate.


6. Landscaping and Lawn Care

If you love the way a beautiful lawn looks, then a career in landscaping and lawn care could be for you. Starting a career in this area means that you’ll probably want to specialize in an area. For instance, you might choose to specialize in landscape architecture. You might also grow partnerships with house flippers, investors, handymen, and other industry professionals in your area to create a steady stream of work.

7. Staging

House staging has immense benefits for sellers, and you can make a lucrative income by creating a house staging company. As a house staging professional, you would be helping clients beef up their home and prep it for showings with decor, furnishings, homewares, and well-used spaces.

If you absolutely love home decor and sprucing up rooms, then you might very well enjoy a career in staging.

8. Handyman

Are you a pro at plumbing, painting, or doing other things around the house, then you could create a company doing these things for others. Generally, handymen are privy to fewer regulations than contractors and serve a critical need. They offer many of the smaller honey-do type items that real estate owners need to have done but don’t have time for.

If you love taking care of small household tasks and helping people live healthier, happier lives, then starting a handyman service might be a very wise choice for you!

9. Cleaning

In the real estate world, there is a need for cleaning companies. For example, construction cleaners are typically tasked with curating sites for construction and then cleaning them up afterwards. General cleaners might include house and office cleaning services.

If you enjoy creating healthy, safe, clean spaces, then creating a cleaning company could be a great business choice for you.

10. Real Estate Photography

Do you love photography and visual art? Still photographers can earn a solid income from photographing real estate that’s being listed in the market. If you’ve got aerial photography experience, you can earn money by creating stunning overhead videos. If you have experience in augmented and virtual reality, then you can also earn big bucks by helping clients create immersive walkthroughs of their properties.

If you enjoy capturing imagery through still photos or other media, then becoming a real estate photography pro is the choice for you!

Selling a property


Real estate is an evergreen industry, and while it does occasionally go through downs, the ups are amazing. If you decide to start a career in an area dependent upon commissions, be sure to keep that in mind.

Many other areas, however, are needed by anyone who owns real estate. For example, lawn care companies find success with residential and commercial clients who remain clients for years upon years. Other areas, such as photography and handyman services, work closely with other areas in real estate, such as agents and property management, so if you want referrals, those are great areas to be in.

No matter what, starting your own business is a truly amazing adventure. We hope this list has inspired you in which specialization is best for you in the real estate industry!