How To Balance Your Work And Become A Better CEO In 4 Simple Steps

Self growth is the driving force behind success. The best businesses in this world are being run by successful people and successful people always find the time for self growth.

In the words of Lao Tzu, the great Chinese Philosopher:

Knowing others is intelligence,

Knowing yourself is true wisdom,

Mastering others is strength,

Mastering yourself is true power”.

Growth does not means earning millions or even billions of dollars in revenue. As Jim Rohn rightly points out, “Income seldom exceeds personal development”. Tesla founder Elon Musk’s desire was to solve real world problems and in that process, he created and ran more than two multi-billion dollar companies.

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The Importance of Personal Growth

Self growth is the process of understanding and developing yourself in order to achieve your full potential.

In the words of Carson Sharein, CEO of Webgator, a Brisbane SEO company, “Some businessmen might argue that time given for personal growth doesn’t have a financial return but I must strongly disagree by saying that time invested in self growth helps to overcome your fears and provide confidence to accept challenges which can benefit your business indirectly”.

Age never stops growing unless you die! Meaning, life is a force that keeps you moving so no matter how much you have achieved in your life till now, self growth must keep you on your toes because there is so much to achieve that you might not have thought you are capable of doing.

Self growth helps you to earn more respect, get more love, discover the truth and brings in more power to your life.

Balancing Your Busy Schedule

Planning is everything. You need to be proactive in your efforts and plan a daily schedule that has time for self growth.

It is important to manage your stress, limit your distractions, keep your eye on your goals and prepare to-do lists that has deadlines. This will help you to keep things organized.

Never over-commit yourself because doing so will exhaust all your energy resulting in lost focus. Breaks should be a part of your to-do list because it can help you stay relax even in the most stressful of times. Figure out your priorities and invest time in doing the things you love even if they don’t provide any monetary return.

Staying organized and creating a schedule where everything fits is the secret to success.

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How To Become A Better You in 4 Simple Steps?

You need to make the most of yourself if you want to become a better person. You can achieve this in 4 simple steps as outlined below:

1. Remain Open To Your Interests

Being a CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise does not mean that you need to work 24X7. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai takes out time to read a physical newspaper every morning while having his morning cup of tea and has a daily habit of putting his kids to bed every night. He never carries out any Google prototype testing in his home. So, the first rule of self growth is – do what you love, remain open to your interests, don’t bring the work to your home and enjoy little things in life. But wait, this does not means you stop doing your work! Remember, money is the blood of your business and you must in every effort to keep that flowing.

2. Take The Help of a Professional Coach

It’s no brainer that running a big company requires a lot of capital. When you have in surplus, you don’t care but when there is a deficit, every second thing in your company becomes unmanageable. Why does this happen? Because you either take incorrect decisions, you fail to develop new strategic relationships, you do not take ample steps to maximize the sales performance.

Taking the help of a professional coach can really help to increase your recurring revenue and also help to take out time for your spiritual, mental and physical development. A good coach can help you to take solid business decisions that puts leading actions in place. Emphasis is laid upon doing measurable activities and building a team for the future instead of the present.

3. Start Writing and Stop Comparing

Have you ever wondered why so many founders and CEOs write books? Because it fosters self belief, provides confidence, raises brand visibility and garners positive media coverage.

The daily habit of writing is inherently inspiring and problem solving. Besides, writing is an activity that puts an entire brain to work. It enhances positive thinking and keeps the grey matter sharp.

4. Cultivate Powerful Habits

There are some habits that ultra successful people have in common. These are:

  • Visualization – Whenever you listen, read or see something, you try to visualize it in your brain. Sharper visualization leads to better decision making.
  • Prioritization – Most important tasks are executed first and the rest afterwards.
  • Goal Setting – All the goals are set in writing because when you have them in writing, there is no scope for excuses.
  • Confidence – This is necessary to woo away the negative energies that tries to deviates you away from reaching your goals.
  • Trust – It is the foundation of success. Trusting the people around you is important because it helps to share the burden of responsibility.
  • Exercising and Diet – Everyone knows the saying – “health is wealth”. Successful people have the habit of exercising daily and consume a healthy diet.
  • Do Something, Not Everything – You can’t be anything if you want to be everything. Successful CEOs concentrate on doing what is important for them and let the other work be done by others.

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Final Thoughts

The key lies in starting now because starting early can make the most of the difference. Get rid of your fears and live a life of harmony by investing time in self-growth. Follow the tips discussed in this article and become serious to achieve your target of self-improvement.