How to Pay off Your Debt Fast: 6 Unusual Assets to Liquidate

Paying off debt fast is possible only when you have highly liquid assets in your hand. You must be connoisseurs of masterpieces that are enviable enough to attract buyers in no time. These assets have something unique about them and are rare too. Also, the original value of the product is so high that even the depreciated value turns out to be in hundreds of thousands.

So, take a look at these easy ways of paying your debt off when it accumulates due to luck going against you.

1. Apple phones

Apple gadgets on the table

The era belongs to iPhones, hands off! All wants to have Apple phones in their possession; but only few can afford them. Such fans of iPhones are always looking for relatively cheaper ways of getting hold of these communications rarities. So, if your debt is small, say in tune of thousands, you can think of putting your Apple phone on re-sale. It gives you quick money.

2. Original paintings from the masters

The worth of Picasso and the likes of him are calculated in millions. Very few people in the world are in possession of some of the real works of this art masters. Thus, you can get the due for these purchases when the time turns tables on you. To make debt disappear in no time, you can consider selling off these marvels.

3. First edition books

Outdated things still find special place in the hearts of connoisseurs. The lovers of books are in habit of collecting the first edition of their favorite writers, and they are ready to pay whatever is asked for them. So, this habit of yours of collecting the first edition can bail you out of financial crisis well within the deadline provided you put the sale advertisement at the relevant platforms.

Rolex watch

4. Luxury watches

Some watches are no less than currency on your wrist. Rolex explorer is one such watch. The watch can fetch you millions if you are stuck in a situation at a foreign location, or have some unforeseen financial problem to tackle. This watch is easy to sell as this watch belongs to the crème de la crème and many of the rich people have still not got these in their possession. So, think of selling this watch to clear debt fast.

5. Branded designer wear

The designers of likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vitton stand for exclusivity and so does the price range of the clothing from these labels. When you want easy and quick money, you can offer the lovers of designer wear these clothes that are priced as high as a half or quarter a million and above too.

6. Heirloom jewelry

Jewelry is another asset that can fetch you the much needed money in no time. People stuck and appalled by the growing debt can look up to the heirloom jewelry for addressing the issue fast. Rare gemstones, or particular design and quality of artisanship are some of the reasons that attract buyers fast and let you clear your debt.

Pay off debts

So, think about these assets of yours. The prices vary, obviously! So, select the ones that match your debt size perfectly because parting with these for a few bucks can haunt you forever.