5 Features Your Ecommerce Website Needs To Have

Ecommerce websites need specific features in order to boost conversion rates. As the owner of an ecommerce site, you can satisfy consumers by maintaining a quality site to increase your profits. Unfortunately, many ecommerce brands fail to make it past their first few years of business. They offer consumers top-notch products, but do not get the attention they deserve because of their poorly developed websites.

To become one of the successful ecommerce brands online, implement the top features your ecommerce website needs to have.

Getting customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Every successful ecommerce store needs to have customer reviews. Before a consumer purchases a product, they check both the product’s and company’s reviews. When they cannot find any brand reviews on a website, they automatically assume that it is because they received bad reviews from previous customers. Then, they hesitate and eventually proceed to leave the site without making a purchase.

Therefore, it is vital that ecommerce websites include positive customer reviews on them. Keep in mind that these should be honest reviews. Consumers can notice fake reviews more easily than you think. When you add genuine reviews to your site, your reputation among online shoppers will increase along with your sales. Thus, this ecommerce website feature is a must-have.

Mobile Responsiveness

Your ecommerce website also needs mobile responsiveness. This feature allows consumers to view your site efficiently on any of their devices. They can browse your products on their laptops when they get home from work. They can also purchase items right from their smartphones during their train ride home from work.

When consumers attempt to use their smartphones to shop on mobile rendering ecommerce sites, they hit numerous roadblocks. Often times, they have trouble reading the text because it does not alter to fit on their smaller phone screens. They also struggle to click on buttons because they, too, do not resize accordingly. As a result, consumers grow frustrated and may not make it through the checkout process.

Ensure that you do not lose customers in this way by maintaining a mobile responsive website.

Search Box

Another feature that every ecommerce website needs is a search box. When sites do not have search boxes, consumers have trouble finding what they are looking for. For this reason, most consumers have trouble finding products without a search box.

You can implement a bigcommerce site search, magento search or WordPress search depending on your platform. Allow your potential customers to search your online store easily by placing a search box at the top of your homepage. Use design elements such as different colors and boxes to make the search box stand out.

Once your search box is set up, begin tagging all of your products appropriately so that you provide consumers with accurate search results. Then, you will enhance your ecommerce website.

Browsing company website

High-Resolution Videos

Moreover, high-resolution videos can improve your ecommerce website too. Many ecommerce website owners believe that the only media forms they need on their websites are written content and high-quality images. While these are both essential to success, they do not make you stand out among your competitors. Video, on the other hand, opens doors that written content and images cannot.

You can use video to give customers a real-life vision of your products while increasing your ecommerce following. You can show them how to operate machinery or portray size differences in clothing.

Regardless of how you decide to use videos, they add depth to your ecommerce website, making them a must-have feature.

Live Chat

Consider implementing a chatbot feature to increase your ecommerce website’s conversion rates. With this tool, you can provide consumers all over the world with great customer support.

Regardless of the time of day, your chatbots can answer commonly asked question. When your visitors receive answers quickly, their interest in your brand increases. After all, consumers value customer support. It makes them feel connected even on ecommerce websites.

Chatbots take the place of employees in stores. They interact with potential customers and increase customer satisfaction rates. If you want to achieve these outcomes, add this feature to your ecommerce website.

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So, there you go – the features your ecommerce store should have for helping you in achieving success. Every ecommerce website needs these features to drive more traffic and sell more products.