4 of the Most Efficient Ways To Market a Business on Instagram

In case you didn’t know, more 700 monthly active users are on Instagram. There are a variety of reasons why the photo and video social media is unmatched by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, among others.

For starters, it does not have a huge competition, making it possible for small businesses to thrive right from the get-go. What is more, it has a more engaged and compelling audience. All of these qualities give you the opportunity to market your products or services not only to a targeted but also interested audience.

Instagram marketing tips for small business

So if your business is not on the platform, you are definitely missing a lot of opportunities. Here are tips on how to use Instagram to promote your business. Make sure to keep them all in mind!

1. Show What You Do In A Creative Way

The idea is to always focus on the solution that you provide, not the products or services you sell. When you are on Instagram, it is important that you find a way to add value to your customers and look pretty awesome doing it.

While visual content is key to acquiring success on this platform, it can also be your downfall. That is why you should never take for granted the essence right there.

What you want to do is showcase your company culture, mission, or vision. This will also mean occasionally posting a handful of tips and how-tos, among many others.

2. Talk To Your Audience

Many business owners think that social media is all about sharing sales materials. No, that is not how things should be done. You cannot just spam your followers that way. Your goal is to engage them, not scare them away. By doing so, you are making your company feel more human and less corporate.

So how do you talk to your audience? Start by replying to comments or answering their questions. For instance, a user is asking your business perspective towards law firm internet marketing. Make sure you provide an answer or two. You can also share their images on your account, so they will feel pleased and appreciated.


3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Not using the right and relevant hashtags on Instagram is a crime. Otherwise, you will not become a profitable business through the platform. Hashtags are there to help you organize and categorize content (i.e. videos and images), and they range from generic to the very specific. If you want people to find your content – and you certainly do – ensure that your posts have hashtags on them.

But just because you are using hashtags it does not mean you should be confident. Remember that there are best practices worth trying out. For starters, you should never overdo it. It is better to have five targeted hashtags than 15 random ones. Also, do not overuse them. Try to be unique and use the ones that are consistent with your brand.

Above all, do not spam them. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your image or video.

4. Take Them Behind-The-Scenes

This is what makes social media sites like Instagram a win for any business. You get to have a platform where you can showcase and/or inform your customer base about your products and services.

With that in mind, try sharing some of the many things that you do within your company. For example, you can post videos about how your products are made or how each process is honed. It all boils down to giving your customers a look-see at your company’s behind-the-scenes.