How To Pick The Ideal Keynote Speaker For Your Next Business Event

Planning a successful business event, whether big or small, always requires a fair amount of effort and thought. There are all kinds of things to consider, and obviously the bigger the event, the more you’ll be juggling.

One feature that can really set the tone for the entire event, and help to drive home the main focus of the gathering, is a keynote speaker. Keynote speakers can instantly capture the attention of attendees, share valuable and insightful information, and set up all the subsequent presentations and speakers.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Keynote Speaker
photo credit: RISE / Flickr

With that said, you don’t want to just pick any old keynote speaker; there is a real science behind picking the ideal candidate. To aid you in the process and ensure that you find that perfect keynote speaker, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Start with a Set Goal

The first place to start isn’t researching the options out there – it’s actually giving thought to your goal. What is it that you want a keynote speaker to accomplish? What is the main focus? Do you want them to teach a lesson, provide an inspiring message, discuss market trends and statistics? By figuring out what your goal is, you’ll actually be narrowing down your options.

Know Your Audience

It’s also important to think about your event attendees. Who are they, why are they attending the event, and what would be of importance/value to them? You obviously want the keynote speaker to be of interest to them right from the get-go. A keynote speaker can even help to drum up excitement surrounding an event, especially if it’s a well-known person, industry expert, or commentator.

A professional delivering keynote

Meet with the Speaker to Discuss Expectations and Goals

Rather than the speaker going into the event blind, it’s wise to meet with them in advance to discuss your expectations, goals, and the event in general. If you can’t meet with the keynote speaker in person, then you can always schedule a video conference or a standard telephone call. Typically, the more information you can give the speaker about your event and the attendees, the more customized their speech will be.

Bring in Professional Help

While it would be great if you could just find a keynote speaker all on your own, sometimes you don’t have the time to invest in the search, and you may not even know where to start. This is when it can be helpful to bring in professional help.

Take for example Gen Z Keynotes, which is a father and son management consulting firm. They work with clients to tailor a presentation that works perfectly for the audience and your industry as a whole. This provides you with a customized keynote speech that will instantly capture the audience’s attention, which is the ultimate goal.

A Keynote Speech that Kicks Things Off Perfectly

By using these tips, you’ll be able to find that ideal keynote speaker who is able to deliver a fabulous speech that kicks off your event perfectly and truly sets the tone.