How To Get The Best Jobs For Veterans

Despite the opportunities available, veterans struggle to find jobs when they return home from active duty. They have trouble building resumes that reflect their previous work.

The key to success is translating military skills into civilian workforce skills. Many face challenges during interviews and struggle to find jobs with the right benefits. Veterans also deal with choosing an industry to enter. With so many options, it can be difficult to find something meaningful and fulfilling.

Job search tips for veterans

Fortunately, veterans like you can put an end to their struggles with just a few simple steps. Read this post to learn how to get the best job as a veteran.

Use Veteran Job Boards

As the first step to getting the best veteran job, sign up on veteran job boards. These tools were created to assist veterans in finding the right jobs. They put you and your fellow vets on a completely different platform than other job-seekers. Unlike traditional resources, veteran job board platforms put you in touch with vet-friendly employers.

Many employers look upon military or service experience with high regard. They also include government jobs that military personnel excel in. Use these job boards to minimize your competition and increase your opportunities to get the best job as a veteran.

Contact Veteran-Supporting Employers

After you familiarize yourself with veteran job boards, you need to contact veteran-supporting employers. While you always need to apply for a job in a traditional way, making conversation beforehand is a plus.

You can send vet-supporting employers friendly emails to introduce yourself. Include information about your past experience and skills. Take the opportunity to tell them that you are interested in their company and the position available. Consider asking questions to show that you want to learn more. This will enable you to stand out from other applicants and land the best job as a veteran.

Highlight Your Transferable Skills

When the time comes to fill out job applications, you need an impressive resume to send. The best veteran resumes highlight transferable skills from active duty to civilian workforce.

To determine your transferable skills, think back to your work in the military. Ask yourself how you can use your experience in post military jobs successfully.

One of the most transferable skills that vets highlight to land jobs is leadership. Most military veterans also highlight teamwork, communication and organization skills. Whether you were an officer, a sergeant or a soldier, you learned how to work as a team to complete your duties. Make note of this valuable skill in your resume to attract employers. Veterans who highlight their transferable skills get hired quickly.

Veteran job fair
photo credit: U.S. Army Garrison – Miami / Flickr

Attend Veteran Career Fairs

Veterans also land the top jobs by attending veteran career fairs. These events are great opportunities for retired military professionals to meet employers. You can also gain a better understanding of which industry you want to enter by attending these fairs.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and make comments. These experiences will give you insights on how to further apply your skills. Moreover, employers remember job-seekers who show interest in their companies and who are not afraid to sell themselves.

Focus on making connections with employers and any staff members they bring along. Attend veteran career fairs to build connections that could turn into post-military jobs.

Prepare For Interviews

Lastly, veterans need to prepare for interviews in order to get hired. Begin the preparation process by looking into the most commonly asked questions.

Most employers ask interviewees why they applied for the position. Research the company so that you can answer the question in as much detail as possible. They also usually ask interviewees why they are the best fit. Highlight your military experience and the skills you acquired while serving your country. Explain how they make you the best person for the job. Come up with quality answers to these questions to prepare for interviews and get hired as a veteran.


Veterans need to take advantage of the job opportunities available to them. Use veteran job boards to find businesses that hire vets.

After you find these employers, contact them to stand out among other candidates. Highlight your transferable skills in your resume to prove that you are qualified for the position. Many veterans also land great jobs after leaving the military by building connections at veteran career fairs. Finally, prepare for interviews by conducting company research and learning how to point out your skills.

Follow those advice to get the best job as a veteran. Good luck in your endeavor!