What Is The Future Of ACCA In Singapore?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is a globally recognised certification which can open many doors of opportunity all over the world. It is a stable and well-paying job qualification that promises a tremendous amount of growth. Those interested in pursuing a career in the accountant field in Singapore should look into ACCA.

ACCA-certified accountant

The degree is highly popular and relevant in the country which is a high-ranking nation in terms of economy. With a suitable accounting qualification, you can land a high-paying job and also enjoy a great career in the financial services sector. This is because the scope of accounting career with ACCA course in Singapore is vast.

ACCA in Singapore

The country pulls in accounting talent from all parts of the world and many ACCA qualified accountants are employed by various companies. Singapore is an international hub for those who possess the relevant knowledge, skill-set and degree in this field. The finance and accounting department is always on the lookout for fresh talent that can be of value to the organisation.

It is not surprising that ACCA remains the most common accounting qualification in Singapore and has been the source of employment for many professionals. The course is designed to consolidate a strong foundation for anyone keen to venture into accounting. Along with global recognition, ACCA also offers content that is relevant to the industry and has a curriculum that offers an in-depth understanding of accounts and finance matters.

Future of ACCA

The 208,000 members and 503,000 students strong accounting body is rapidly rising in popularity and is fast becoming a dominant international accountancy organisation. Singapore is a commercial hub as far as accounting talent is concerned and ACCA remains a sought-after qualification. Many big organisations like DBS, Big Four, Credit Suisse and more employee accountants with the ACCA degree.

Skyscrapers in Marina Bay, financial district of Singapore
Marina Bay financial district, Singapore

Choosing Singapore as a destination to work in post-ACCA is a marvellous choice. Though, equally beneficial is to study the course in the country that offers state-of-the-art institute and an equally good faculty. The country is currently leading as far as financial and logistics centres are concerned which means that in the future requirement for this sector will escalate. Accountancy sector remains a major contributor to the GDP of Singapore and demand for accountants is already high in 2020.

After completion of ACCA, students can look into a variety of job roles such as financial analyst, chartered accountant, accountant, credit analyst and more. Starting your professional career with companies such as Bank of Singapore or Hudson Singapore surely ensures that you enjoy great success in the long run.

ACCA qualification currently has a significant value in Singapore and its future looks just as bright and promising. You can explore numerous avenues with this degree and can embark on a stable career ahead.