Online Qualitative Research: All The Advantages

There are plenty of online qualitative research techniques available in today’s technocratic epoch. Online Qualitative Research (OQR) is undoubtedly a powerful tool to store in your toolbox provided you use it in the right situation. If you get to know which of these tools is most beneficial for branding, you get to develop a really strong link between the brand and your customer.

Business people doing Online Qualitative Research (OQR)

Here we are going to discuss some of the advantages of online qualitative research.

Enjoy geographic dispersions

In the current scenario, OQR has widened in aspect and enjoys extreme popularity. The only reason that has grabbed it fame is not just the cost-saving purposes but a myriad of other advantages that it offers but only if executed in an appropriate manner. Not only is it time and money-saving but you also end up saving loads of efforts that you might otherwise waste in travel fatigue.

Those lend you access to a low incidence or say specialized samples that further offer geographic dispersion, the biggest perk that can only be obtained via online qualitative research. In addition to this, you get an insight into the mind of the audience that is young as well as internet-centric.

Get the attention of the occupied workforce

Repositioning your brand can be a cumbersome task if you fail to get the attention of the highest occupied corporate executives or in other words the targeted audience as it is difficult to get hold of them as focus groups or at interviews. Developing a strategy may require complex marketing elements that come in association with a plethora of rational as well as emotional factors lurking purchase consideration. Believe us, this is an ideal or say a common situation.

An appropriate candidate for Online Bulletin Boards consumes a few days resulting in a rich and ongoing dialogue. This is owing to the fact that the respondents have enough time to analyze their thoughts as well as feelings facilitating in-depth reactions.

The Online Bulletin Boards caters to the needs of occupied people who have the advantage to connect as per their own convenience. Additionally, it facilitates the refinement of stimuli over the duration of the study between similar audiences.

Real-time analyses

Online Video Focus Groups is another powerful form of OQR that is peculiarly webcam-enabled sessions. You can simply characterize these as a stop blending the traditional as well as the Bulletin Board focus groups. This implies that you get access to some benefits of each of these.

Online Video Groups are a one-stop solution in cases where the response immediacy, as well as group dynamics, are comparatively critical for the product amidst the specialized target. Using these, you get access to the best verbal and visual reactions wherein you can also observe the body language. Besides, you get a real-time interaction opportunity thereby enabling you to engage the participants. Also, you get to know the behavior of the target. It facilitates visual homework assignments also. Last but not least, the Flash technology eliminates the audio as well as video issues that were common earlier. All of these features together make the technology highly viable.

Online Video Focus Groups and Online Bulletin Boards not only accept multi-media stimuli but also provide instant transcripts making these ideals for sensitive topics. Not to forget, above all the respondents fostering candid responses remain within their comfort zones.

Doing research using laptop


All in all, Online Qualitative Research comes to your rescue in an infinite number of cases.

First of all, these are an advantage in cases where it becomes a herculean task to pin down the respondents and in cases where the respondents have a minimal market presence.

Secondly, these are a great help in case the topic you chose is sensitive or complex. Next, these offer a helping hand when you require learning the perks of the product catered by the extended panels.

Lastly, you can count on these if you need to sharpen the brand strategies in a restricted frame of time.

It is just not wrong to say that OQR is actually the smart approach.  However, you ought to choose the relevant methodology considering your research objectives and the target is key.