Over-Optimization is BAD: How Much SEO is Too Much?

Probably it sounds fearful that Google has a plan in its sleeve whose sole objective is to hunt down those sites that have gone a little wayward or have stretched their online marketing activities too far.  But you need to know that it’s always Google’s priority to search the web for naughty sites and discipline them according to the infamous and all-important Google TOS.

Too much SEO is bad
photo credit: Zac Harris / Unsplash

Now, does this mean that there is a limit of good things you can do to your website? Or Google Webspam guys and gals are simply equating over optimization with spamming. This is really confusing and unless and until it is rolled out, it is a tough call to predict anything.

But we cannot sit and wait for the apocalypse begins and then stirs to actions.

Nope, here I am going to share some tips that may give you clear view of what you are supposed to do to make your website insulated from the upcoming algo shuffle:

1. Make It User Friendly, Not Search Engine Friendly. Pretty Please.

Search engine bot has become smart and there is no need to force feed it. Since the search engine bot is quite capable of taking care of itself, you should devote all your attention to make your website look great to general users. Believe me, Google is tracking the behavior of the visitors on your website, bounce rate and average time on website and loads of other things, in the Social Dilemma style.

You have no other option but to bring considerable improvement in this segment otherwise, your blog may fall prey to this upcoming algo change.

2. Build Links Sensibly

Do you know that Google hates private blogging network so much that the Googlers and their Googlebots are always in pursuit for private network blogs. Why? Because it’s simple: Those networks work wonder – and Google hates things that are too effective and efficient (outside of Google’s reach.)

Considering the pros and cons, I suggest that you don’t take part in any such things – those might put permanent ban on your website (if you’re getting caught, of course.)

Take the longer, safer road; try to have a longer-term vision. Like create a nice piece of authoritative content and then make it available for free and hopefully, you will be able to get some links from reputed sites without even coercing them (by begging or paying.) Create nice infographic that people would like to share voluntarily. Try these, I am certain that your blog will have a future proof presence.

SEO mistakes to avoid

3. Don’t Go Overboard with keywords

Keywords are meat and drink to your website, but you should not stuff the content with keywords only. Forget about keywords density; there is no such thing exists in reality. Tone down if the keywords density is too high and keep things as natural as possible. Make the title and description of the website catchy and interesting.

4. Do not use Blackhat

Black hat is boring. Yeah because search engine bot has become so smart that all your effort to trick it will come to naught within few weeks. So rather, than playing hide and seek with search engines, why you should not put that efforts to make your website irresistibly awesome.

Hire a great content creator – written words, images, videos… anything – if you are not that much creative, have some share worthy content, and see how your website’s reputation starts taking shape.

To Conclude…

The bottom line is this: SEO is like food; the right amount of such makes you healthy and happy.  But having too much of it can give you health problems.  Too much SEO kills your website, and I’m sure you want your website to live a long health and happy life, right?