Your Guide to Getting An MC Number

An MC number is very important for companies and organizations in the business of trucking. It essentially gives such companies the authority and permission to operate in their said territory, state or country.

An MC number stands for a Motor Carrier number which gives one the authority to operate in interstate commerce. It basically serves as an identification point, as in whichever company has an MC number also has the authority to operate and trade interstate.

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Who Needs An MC Number?

There are essentially two types of companies that need an MC number which firstly include a company that transports individuals interstate, and secondly a company that transports good interstate and is involved in interstate commerce. That is to say, any type of interstate carrier requires an MC number by law and if they continue to operate without an MC number, they would be operating illegally.

To go into detail, the following type of motor carriers are required that they have an MC number:

  1. A motor carrier that transports property is required to have an MC number
  2. A motor carrier that transports household goods is required to have an MC number
  3. A broker of property is required to have an MC number
  4. A broker of household goods is required to have an MC number
  5. A carrier of international cargo based in the United States is required to have an MC number
  6. A carrier of international household goods based in the United States is required to have an MC number

How Can One Apply For An MC Number?

The first step in applying for an MC number for a transport or commerce company is registering online on FMCSA’s website. They begin the application process by the URS or Unified Registration System, and this is to be done prior to beginning your registration on the FMCSA website. You can always save your application’s data and come back at a later time to complete it if you don’t have access to all information required at a certain time. The website itself has an excellent interface and is very user-friendly.

Once you complete the application, you are required to pay a fixed fees to process your application. In a period of almost 25 days or less, the application gets completely processed. However, it may take longer if the FMCSA feels like they need to review your application again or need to evaluate it even further.

For existing carriers, who already have an MC number but need to apply for one more for whatever reason, they too can apply using the FMCSA website. They are also required to have a valid USDOT number prior to applying for the MC number. This also requires a valid insurance and license, and that search is completed on the SAFER website which automatically checks their history when thy enter or fill in their USDOT or MC number.

The total fees generally required for an MC number is USD 300, and other charges may include a USD 14 fee for a notice that requires a change of name, and a USD 8 fee for reinstating your authority.

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What Is The Difference Between A USDOT Number And An MC Number?

A US DOT number essentially is an authority number signifying the permission to operate interstate and is given by the FMCSA. This number is essentially used by the government to keep all records of a moving company safe for instance their registration data and status, their compliance reviews, their financial data, etc.

An MC number is also an authority required to operate interstate, and is also given by the FMCSA to moving companies. However, whereas all interstate moving companies require to absolutely have a USDOT number, not all such companies are required to have an MC number. It depends upon the moving company and the nature of what their transport interstate.

Getting an MC number can often be an overwhelming and daunting task for companies to complete on their own. While the government has made the task as easy as possible, not all owners have the technical skills and background to complete the paperwork impeccably and without any mistakes. Hence it is recommended to take professional help in this matter from consultants who work on getting people MC numbers.