How Activists Can Leverage The Growing Popularity of The Crypto-industry?

This a time when social movements are at their peak and people’s resolve to bring a positive transformation has been taken to streets and roads. Every other day we see some of the other activist groups protesting and propagating for positive reforms. Amidst all of that, social media protests are the strongest and the most impactful. However, things are changing now and they are changing fast as these protests are moving from one digital space to another.

Activism funding
photo credit: Henry Be / Unsplash

The recent we heard was a protest being promoted through the crypto industry. Yes, you heard it right. It was when Nigerians gathered for a civil movement and collected money to sponsor their protests through Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Now, that has opened a new gate for protestors and activists to voice their demands and get a new platform to speak against injustice. Not only these activists can collect money through Bitcoin but there are other ways also through which the industry can give them stronger support.

A similar case was witnessed in Hong-Kong when several local businesses started accepting Crypto money from activists to help them raise their voice against Chinese incursion and to support their cause in their own little way.

In another instance, an anonymous group of hackers stole some cryptocurrency from a big company and donated the same to a charitable organization’s account. When this happened, many people referred to this group as Robin hood of the Crypto industry which is on its way to bridge the gap and huge inequality in income. For more information visit the Bitcoin Equaliser.

Bitcoin payments
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Let’s see what these ways could be?

The first and foremost solution to their problem is getting enough sponsorship to fund the protests. It is easy otherwise because many helping hands are ready to join the fleet. But things get difficult when the government bans such activities. In that case, all the activist’s accounts are blocked, or donating them is made a punishable offense. The drawback of fiat currency is that it is under the control of the government and they can exercise their power and put any kind of regulations on the same during protests.

In this situation, the activists can seek help from crypto-based platforms to raise money for the cause.

  • For once, it does not come under the gambit of government control hence it cannot do much about these funds.
  • Second, anyone can donate money to the cause even the ones who are living outside the geographical boundaries of the country. It could be a great way to garner international support and funding as anyone would be able to donate with such a system in place. This wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and it’s a great way to bring the whole world under one umbrella and unite people for a social cause.
  • These donations through Cryptocurrency are not only efficient but also very quick and reliable. The moment someone donates this platform the money will get credited to the receiver’s account as there is no hassle of a middleman, no currency conversion charges, no space for human felony, frauds, or delays. All the money gets directly credited simply and easily.


How activists can use Crypto to bridge the huge gap between people of different income groups?

The best trait of Bitcoin is that it is free from the government’s control and that’s where its power resides. Another great feature is intractability hence any transactions that happen in this space remain between the receiver and the sender and no third party is privy to that information. This means when a person makes a donation for a social cause through Crypto there is no way this information is leaked to any third party even not to the government.

The government will never be able to keep a track of the activities and financial transactions of an individual and hence your charity endeavors will remain secret. The identities of donors will never be found out and this way you can support your stance against the government without catching any attention.

There are some countries where people are punished, jailed, and beaten up for raising their voice against the government and if that’s the case then Bitcoin is their way to avoid the government’s intervention. This has given a new way to sponsor these protests without getting in the bad books of the government officials. Also, these platforms are operational 24/7 hence these donations would never stop coming and anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can make one at their convenience.

While social media has already been a hotspot of protests and activism, it’s Cryptocurrencies now which is following the same path and paving way for social transformations by giving them digital and financial support.