The Revolutionary Step by TigerEx That Can Raise The Bar of The Cryptocurrency Market in Nigeria

The TigerEx company based on the Nigerian Naira has made a revolutionary break on the cryptocurrency market. With such fewer opportunities in Nigeria, this country’s cryptocurrency market was lagging behind until this revolutionary step. It has provided a vast opportunity to the citizens of Nigeria to invest rightfully and make transactions just like the other countries.

Cryptocurrency trends in Nigeria

TigerEx has released the best pay products for instant transfers done via domestic as well as international. The citizens of Nigeria can invest and exchange bitcoins seamlessly after this massive feat. This tremendous step can significantly encourage investors to invest without considering the payment issues that were previously a major setback. To know more about this take part in the yuanpay group private sale.

According to Nicholas Levenstein, the founder of TigerEx, Nigerians can have a centralized, safe place for handling their transactions with complete disclosure. They will have thorough knowledge regarding the entire transaction. The counterparty will be dealing with Naira or Bitcoin to complete the whole process and wrap up the whole deal immediately.

Nigerians can deal directly with the complete cooperation of their opinion regarding the price discovery, which will eventually lead to cheaper transactional rates along with fair pricing. He also states that if this entire process has consistency and invite other traders to invest in a continuous manner in the difference of naira dollar, naira pounds, and naira euro rates, which are the common currencies of Nigeria, this will be a boon for the entire country since this will help in the better transactional facility.

With this impeccable facility, the Nigerians can finally use their cryptocurrencies in the renowned markets like Euro Zone, USA, Japan, and many more without any hassle.

Furthermore, TigerEx also claims to pay the “Maker” fee. This particular fee will be negative for the people who would buy or sell based on other’s bids and referrals. These people will be paying the market makers more, and TigerEx will be having only half of it or even less than since most of the referral fees will be spent on them.

Even though this is quite a generous amount, yet TigerEx has made this decision on keeping the future of the Nigerian cryptocurrency industry in mind and with the sole purpose of driving it further with the full pace at the moment. This great initiative will have a massive impact on the entire bitcoin industry in the best way possible since this major leap can transform the entire market significantly to build the market simultaneously.

TigerEx has been making extreme efforts in bringing the entire business and cryptocurrency industry forward in Nigeria. According to the resources, An income hedge fund had performed approximately 38% with 50% annually between the months of September 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020, which is quite a great deal.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The innovative transfer service named ZapCash can help withdraw in the form of dollars, euro, naira, or bitcoin according to the convenience of the user. This way, they can use their local currency Naira seamlessly in every transaction out there without any hassle.

To bring more attention to this entire process, an escrow service wherein customers can get amazon gift cards or any prepaid cards to boost the usage and promote safe and immediate transaction within the investors. This extra advantage will help raise awareness and attract more people to gradually start bidding and investing in this market, claiming it to be completely safe, secure, and rapid. This initiative was taken keeping the competition with MyParicia and Paxful in mind.

TigerEx will also have a specific referral system along with customer service with live video transactions for complete transparency. Furthermore, they will also provide instant resolutions to every query regarding any difficulty within the trades. Therefore, the Nigerians need not worry regarding any apprehensive situation during the entire process since the maximum they need to do in such scenarios just makes a single call. They will get their queries resolved by the experts of the company itself.

With so many innovative features and advancements, TigerEx is sincerely making a big revolution in the entire market. People can now finally invest without worrying about the transactional methods with foreign stocks or products and even use the Naira currency for the same. There has been no ignorance towards other currencies as well here, keeping in mind the investors who would prefer bidding or withdrawing in euros or dollars. The entire step is relatively neutral in nature, and if the right leverage is taken here of this amazing facility, the market can drastically strike up in comparison to the previous years.