The Easiest Way to Use Video Meetings to Make Money for Your Startup

By now, most people have realized meeting with clients over video conferencing platforms are a great medium for conduct business meetings and showcasing talent. But if all you’re using video for is to conduct group meetings or 1:1s with clients, you’re missing out on serious cash to help you build your startup.

What’s been missing is a platform to help budding entrepreneurs and people teach their skills to others, get scheduled and paid easily, in one. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this cool platform called Symposium to see how it facilitates smooth video conferencing, along with scheduling and payment.

Video meeting with a client

What I found is that this particular platform has proven to be a boon for budding artists and startups. It was great to be among several teaching professionals as well as emerging businessmen who are using it to gain recognition, promote their skills/products and ultimately make money.

Here are a few more thoughts about my experience with this fast-growing commerce platform.

Reach Your Audience Without High Overhead Costs

In these times of social distancing when the schools have gone online and large number of employees belonging to different sectors are working from home most people are hesitant to join hobby classes. Businesses of institutes running dance, singing and art classes for kids as well as adults have gone down owing to this inevitable situation. Many of them have come under debt as they require paying the rent and other overhead charges but aren’t getting enough returns.

If you too are faced with such a situation then the best way out is to make use of business platforms such as Symposium. It is important to choose the platform wisely to reach your potential clients quickly and easily. Using it, I see how you can showcase your skill and train your students as effectively and efficiently as you would be able to during an actual classroom session.

I see this as a great platform for professionals who are just starting out and do not have enough funds to rent an office space. They can very well come forward and start their endeavor online without the need for an office.

Everywhere you have internet can be your office. Start- ups should make use of that. They can connect with their clients as well as vendors through this online medium and even conduct seminars and events. This is a great way to save on commuting charges and seminar hall bookings. It is also a good way to ensure greater attendance and wider reach during events as people living in different parts of the world can join.

Video meetings for training

Choose the Kind of Session/ Interaction You Want

I also discovered Symposium gives you the option to choose the kind of session/ interaction you prefer based on your requirement. You have the flexibility to choose a one-to-one session or a onetomany live streaming session.

You can also create a personalized video message to connect with your prospects or existing clients/followers. Sessions can easily be booked through phone or computer by keying in few details such as the date and time of session and the category you belong to.

Looking for this platform already? I’m sure you are. I’m glad I did. Check out Symposium for your personal business or startup to get on the right track. Good luck and hope you have an amazing start!