What You Need to Know About Windows 11: Is It Good for Businesses?

It seems like there’s a new version of Windows in the market right now, free and more stable than its previous iterations. But as we all know, there’s so much more into it than what meets the eye. Windows 10, its predecessor, was released five years ago, and people are still finding out more about its features now.

Windows is the most downloaded OS in the world. It’s estimated that over a billion devices are using Windows, and that number continues to rise every year. However, a big shock when Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 this year when they claimed that Windows 10 was the last iteration of Windows ever.

So you might ask yourself, how can you download Windows 11, and what features should you expect? Hold your horses. As of the moment, you can’t download Windows 11 yet. It’s in a phased rollout, which means that some might get the updated first, then the rest. But Microsoft expects that everyone will have the new Windows 11 by the summer of 2022. So what should you expect in this new OS?

Windows 11 home screen
photo credit: Pierre Lecourt / Flickr


1. Stability

Windows 11 was designed for efficiency and productivity. It’s also meant to be more stable than the previous Windows 10, which often had some crashing issues early on in its release. Experts are stating that you shouldn’t believe Microsoft off the bat because the new OS will always have crashing issues during its release. Some are recommending that you should wait until people have tested it on their personal computers before downloading it yourself.

Stability has always been the prime reason why people update their OS, and you should keep this in mind when downloading the new Windows 11.

2. Android Apps

Remember how the Microsoft Store didn’t live up to people’s standards until now? Well, Windows 11 is going to completely overhaul the store and give way to Android apps.

People had wanted Android apps since the release of Windows 10 back in 2015. It just seemed to make so much sense for Microsoft to give way to such apps. Now that it’s around, people don’t really care much for it. But now, at least you have access to your favorite apps from the Android store. However, you won’t get access to the apps the first time you download the OS. It will happen in the next few upcoming patches.

3. Snap Layouts and Groups

Microsoft takes pride in Windows 11’s efficiency, and it seems like the company went all out with it this time. It introduced the ability for you to arrange multiple windows that are running on your desktop. This is great for multi-taskers, especially for editors. Furthermore, groups that you’ve saved in your layout could easily be accessed through the taskbar, so you can keep communicating while working at the same time.

4. Multiple Desktops

With Microsoft 11, you can start creating different desktops for you various parts of your life. You can edit backgrounds and the programs available in each taskbar. Don’t worry. You’ll still have access to all your programs. It’s just that each desktop will feature certain programs more if it fits that particular virtual desktop.

Windows 11 illustration
photo credit: Pixabay


There will be some performance issues related to the first update of Windows 11. This is very similar to the release of Windows 10, and it’s expected. However, other patches in the future should fix that problem in no time.

If you’re running a decade-old computer, then you might not be able to run the new OS smoothly. Even newer computers are struggling to run it without any hiccups. Thankfully, you can build a personal computer online nowadays, with good discounts! However, if you want the best experience in running the new OS, you’re going to need a powerful machine. So it’s time to invest in new computer parts so your computer can run it efficiently.

Is it Good for Businesses?

So the big question is if the new OS is suitable for businesses? The short answer to that is yes. Microsoft seems to have concentrated more on business functions than anything else. Its concentration on efficiency and productivity, especially with the added multiple desktops and snap features, is all about making work so much easier. It has also improved communication functions and the addition of Microsoft Teams.

All of these features and more make Windows 11 a prime choice for many businesses, given that your computers have updated hardware to run it. However, it’s going to be an investment you’ll have to make for the sake of increased productivity in the workplace.

Windows 11 is an attractive OS for many business owners, but you should consider updating it even if your computer is for personal use. We assure you, it will make your life a lot easier with its newly added functions.