Top 5 Reasons Startups in Immersive Tech Should Choose ‘Metaverse-related’ Descriptive Domain Names

A descriptive domain plays an instrumental part in successful digital branding, instantly communicating your value and providing greater visibility, especially when potential customers search for metaverse-related solutions online.

‘Metaverse’ is one of the latest buzzwords, especially prevalent with Facebook’s renaming to ‘Meta.’ Facebook chose as a domain name, and many other large brands are also recognizing the power of domain names with the goal to ‘own’ the metaverse business category they play in.


Metaverse tech startups aren’t far behind. Some of the most innovative startups and entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon. They embrace short, keyword-rich descriptive top-level domains (TLDs) that empower them to create strong brands in the metaverse space.

These descriptive domains are more than just another option outside the conventional .com extension. They are industry-specific, enabling a business to express its authentic digital identity, highlight core expertise, and stand out from the competition, making it easier for customers to find them and know what they do.

So if you’re an entrepreneur starting in the metaverse, here are the top 5 reasons why now is the time to grab your descriptive domain name.

It Speaks Volumes About Your Company

A startup that uses a descriptive TLD communicates that they are modern, on-trend, and smart.

For example, consider, a metaverse-oriented news site. With this descriptive domain, the company chose a strategic online and authentic identity that immediately cuts through the noise and attracts the right audience’s attention.

It Empowers Your Metaverse Brand

It takes time and the right kind of exposure to drive brand awareness. A descriptive domain plays an instrumental part. The ideal metaverse domain name instantly communicates your business’ value while providing digital exposure over time. It ensures greater visibility when potential customers search for metaverse-related solutions online. Name wisely.

When people see your descriptive domain in search results, it’s easier for them to know who you are and what you do – increasing the number of clicks. You can also use a descriptive domain to redirect traffic directly to your YouTube channel or social media page to help your customers find the specific information they’re looking for.

It Gives You the Flexibility to Choose Relevant and Meaningful Domain Names

Like any other branding element, your domain name helps shape your company’s authentic identity. A keyword-rich descriptive domain name fuels the marketing efforts for your startup.

To help ensure the best outcome, every word in a domain name can and should be relevant to your brand. Plus, having the freedom to choose both sides of the dot helps communicate the purpose of each site in fewer words. Each word to the left and right side of the dot counts, making it a keyword-rich and effective SEO tactic.

For example, with, Metaverse School chose a name with keywords before and after the dot that clearly associates it with a ‘metaverse’ dimension of learning.

Similarly,, a virtual real estate company, uses both sides of the dot to concisely communicate that they play in the metaverse space.

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It Enables You to Adopt an Engagement and SEO-First Strategy

Attracting and engaging an audience becomes easier if you have a shorter name that’s easier to remember and breeds familiarity at the same time. For example, consider versus The latter is shorter and less clunky.

That’s the power of choosing a meaningful descriptive domain extension. It adds purpose to your name and helps with your branding, engagement, and SEO.

And unlike a common misperception, new TLD extensions are as good as any other extension for search engine ranking. Google doesn’t treat new TLDs differently from traditional domain name endings like .com or .org.

You Can Better Protect Site Visitors from Homographic Scams

With any domain name, there is always a risk for domain fraud and phishing scams, with attackers impersonating legitimate metaverse entities.

To date, TrueName Domains is the only company that includes free proactive protection against the most common forms of domain fraud and phishing attacks. It automatically blocks homographic domain names to prevent their use in malicious web or email addresses keeping your domain names safe from scams. The company also offers a unique service that protects a brand’s trademarks, prevents cybersquatting, and ensures that domains are available for future use.


The metaverse is a rapidly growing and evolving space. It’s the future. It is essential to invest in the right assets today to build a successful brand for tomorrow and ensure long-term relevance.

Choosing a descriptive TLD for your metaverse startup shows that you’re ahead of your time. It also shows you are strategic and understand branding and SEO, making it easy for your customers to find you and know what you do.

A short and relevant domain name can go a long way in making your startup stand out in the metaverse fray.