Essentials for Comfortable Camping

Camping is a way to discover nature which includes spending the night outside the home, specifically in a tent or a specially equipped car. The campsite is an area which might be reached by car. You could then park a vehicle on the campground.

The camping visitors could set up a tent, often near the vehicle. Sometimes though, a parking and tent space can be separate.

In most cases, campings are located outside the cities, near an interesting natural object, or just in a beautiful area. This way, people could enjoy various treasures of nature.

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Campgrounds in general have places for fire, showers, toilets, garbage containers, and their removal. Besides, at the campsite, you will be able to charge your devices. Also, there are campsites where security is organized.

In general, campgrounds can be free and paid. Free campgrounds in general provide just a basic level of comfort, while the paid ones offer all the above benefits.

What equipment is needed for comfortable camping?

The equipment you should bring with you directly depends on which camping option is best for you. You can, for example, come to one location and stay there for a long time (a week or two).

If you camp during the winter, you can consider a 2 person tent with stove. Alternatively, you can plan a route that will include several locations, each of which can be delayed for several days. Also, the selection of equipment is influenced by whether you travel by car, or perhaps combine public transport and pick-up on foot.

If you get by car, you are not so limited by the weight and compactness of the equipment. So, the list of equipment you need includes:

View from the inside of a tent
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You can use the tent you have for camping. Especially if you are traveling in this format for the first time.

If you plan to stand in one place for a long time, it is better to place such a tent somewhere under a tree or somewhere in the shade, as thin fabrics and impregnation on them are more sensitive to ultraviolet light.

For a large family or group of friends and if you can travel by car, it makes sense to pay attention to special models of tents for camping. Such tents are more spacious and therefore convenient for this format of recreation.

Make sure that the capacity of the tent is sufficient for the number of participants, keep in mind that such a holiday usually takes more things than on a hike, and they all need to be placed somewhere, so tents from the series 3 + 1 should be considered triple, and one extra place to use.

Cooking is an important part of camping life. A long stay at one point allows you to bring fresh vegetables and fruits and prepare a real culinary masterpiece.

First of all, decide whether you will cook on the fire or on the burner. In particular, if your campsite is within the protected area, it is forbidden to smoke a fire there.

Depending on the method of cooking – you should choose dishes. By the way, camping is exactly the option when it’s great to have a coffee maker or a kettle.


If you are going to cook on a stove, you should know whether and how can you use a camping stove inside a tent. In some cases, the use of burners inside the tent is undesirable, cooking should take place outside the tent at a distance of at least one meter from the tent wall.

The topical issue is the creation of comfortable conditions in the tent, so the choice of the burner is very important.

Virtually all heaters, which function based on fuel combustion, have a common disadvantage. In the process of combustion, a large number of combustion products are released. Therefore, it is needed to ventilate a tent better in order to have a smoke-free environment.

The use of a catalytic heater for tent heating is quite convenient and safe. Catalytic converter heaters are quite safe and environmentally friendly, while the fuel combustion process is flameless.

The heating process is as follows. The catalyst surface is heated to 200 – 500 ° C. An air-fuel mixture is formed in a special chamber. Gasoline or liquefied gas vapors are fed to a hot plate made of fiberglass with the addition of platinum powder. The catalyst burns flamelessly.

During operation, the possibility of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. is excluded.

Travel heaters of catalytic type of combustion, weigh about 1-1.5 kg. The design provides a compartment for installing a gas cylinder or a built-in container for alcohol.

This allows you to safely use the heater to heat the awning.

The catalytic heater has an important drawback as you can not cook on the catalytic head. Despite this, many people appreciate the convenience of this type of heater.

Bottom Line

To conclude, one should invest in a reliable heater and appropriate tent in order to stay warm during winter camping. Nowadays, there are numerous types of heaters available on the market, from wood burning ones to electrical. The same holds true about the tents as there are various 4-season tents suitable for winter camping.

With the insights provided by this article, you would be able to choose the best gear for your outdoor getaway.