What Documents are Required for a Same Day Loan?

You can’t plan for every event that life might have waiting for you around the corner. When an emergency hits, it is good to have options. Cutting back and saving is always a good idea but when you need funds quickly, that might not be possible.

There are other options you can consider, however. Same day loans can be an option when hardworking people need help when finding themselves in an impossible situation. These loans are short-term and flexible with repayments being based on your income. If you need urgent cash, short-term loans can help.

Same day loan application


When applying for a same-day loan, some direct lenders will assess your application based on whether you can afford to make the repayments of the loan you are applying for. This means that your previous credit report and score don’t impact their decision.

To make sure the loan you are applying for is affordable for you, documents such as bank statements and phone contracts will be needed. Same Day lenders will calculate what you will have leftover in your account after your outgoings each month. By doing this, lenders can be sure that they are keeping their customers in mind and ensuring that the loan that they are choosing will not cause them any further financial issues.


Same Day Loan companies may also ask that you meet certain criteria to be able to apply for a loan.

They may ask that you provide a mobile number for confirmation and be over 23 years old (this may vary). It is also important that you have a bank account with a valid debit card as companies run credit checks as previously mentioned to ensure that you can afford the loan that you are repaying.

Before applying for a same-day loan you should ensure that you are in employment and some lenders will insist that you earn at least £1300 a month income.

Loan application form


Same Day Loans can help you to access money in a hurry. Some lenders guarantee that the money you’ve requested will be with you the same day after you’ve applied, but others do not. This is because, whilst applications are often processed, approved, and delivered on the same day if there is a mistake in your application or issues when checks have been run, this can slow your application down.

Being thorough and making sure all the information provided is correct, will help your requested funds be with you as soon as possible.

Overall, same-day loans can be used if you find yourself in unexpected financial difficulties. These loans use an automated process to check applications and provide cash quickly, usually on the same day where possible.

Going through this process will allow your lender to make sure this emergency loan is affordable for you to pay back and will not add to any further financial difficulty. If your details are correct, this will help to get the urgent funds to you as soon as possible in your time of need.