Some Common Personal Injuries for Which Compensations are Sought in Philadelphia

Personal injuries are devastating especially if it has restricted your regular life and has made work difficult for you. Sometimes major injuries can completely prevent us from living our lives for many years and we need financial aid to manage hospital bills and even day-to-day expenses.

However, if we go the legal way on our own, we hardly get the compensation that we deserve from our insurance agencies.

Work-related injury

This is why having Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys by your side during the legal proceedings can be a huge help. Whether it is getting compensated for major injuries or death by accident, you can always rely on the lawyers of Quinn Law Group to get maximum and fair value for your case. They also help to ease out the legal process for you so that you can maximize your focus on recovering from the injuries.

Personal injuries requiring legal help – The common ones

Every year millions of people seek medical help in emergencies because of injuries they have sustained during work, travel, or because of third-party negligence. Some categories of injuries where you can seek legal help in Philadelphia for getting compensated for medical and other expenses related to the injuries are:

1. Motor vehicle accidents

  • This is the most common cause of unintentional injuries for which compensation from the insurance agencies is sought.

  • This is also responsible for most fatal accidents that happen every year throughout the world.

  • When involved in motor vehicle accidents, you must be compensated in monetary terms for financial loss and injuries sustained.

Personal injury at workplace

2. Workplace accidents

  • Every organization has laws in place for compensating workers for any injuries that were sustained on their premises.

  • They also need to compensate for the absenteeism from work that was caused by workplace-related accidents.

  • However, not all organizations truly compensate their employers and that is when you will need a lawyer’s help in Philadelphia.

3. Premises or product liability

  • These include the accidents that occur due to negligence/defects on someone’s land like retail stores or by using certain products.

  • The landowner and the companies who are responsible for creating such products are thus liable for giving monetary compensation for your injuries.

  • In such cases timing of reporting the accident cases is crucial. The sooner you report the case the better will be compensation.

Medical malpractice is yet another scenario where you can suffer from injuries that could have harmful consequences on your life and you almost always require legal help in Philadelphia to get compensation related to medical malpractice-related injuries.