Spotify Promotion for Artist Gives What Everyone Wants – Fame

The world of music is a cruel place, don’t you think? As a musician, what are your impressions of the music industry nowadays? Of Spotify? How is this most popular music streaming service to its newcomers? Do you enjoy uploading your music to Spotify? Or are you looking for another, better place? And if you are not a musician, how do you imagine the situation on Spotify? How do you think musicians feel now?

Do you know that one of the most popular searches regarding Spotify, are the services that offer Spotify promotion for artist? Yes, promotion.

Spotify promotion
photo credit: Cottonbro / Pexels

On such an advanced music streaming platform, with the best algorithm in the world, people are still looking for ways to make their music more popular. And that is not a good sign.

I am not saying that Spotify is ill, but I am saying that it is faulty in some areas. Those musicians who are looking for a Spotify promotion, they know what they are doing. They have their reasons. And the reason for them to promote is the inability of algorithms to showcase them.

Those musicians upload, upload, upload, and nothing changes. They get some attention, but quickly get forgotten. The algorithms won’t show them, won’t suggest them.

The only way to battle those algorithms is with the promotion. The promotion helps to increase the numbers, the numbers of plays, followers, likes, etc. and with higher numbers, you have higher chances of being finally noticed by Spotify.

You may have heard that idea, that music promotion is unfair, and it destroys the fibers of the music industry itself. There has been a lot of controversy, whether musicians should or should not promote their music. But you shouldn’t listen to that, because majority of musicians do promote their music anyway. Even those, who were screaming how bad the promotion is, are one of the most loyal customers of promotion services.

The producers all around the world need to show good numbers to their musicians, so the promotion is always working, and always is used.

Music production
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Those double standards are killing the industry. While big musicians spend huge budgets on music promotion, they deny this opportunity to smaller musicians. They are only afraid of the new ones, because new musicians are the spirit of modern age, of modern times.

Just compare the musicians from 2000s to today’s musicians. The music has changed, the appearance of musicians have changed, the ideas in the music have changed. And those bigger musicians are just afraid to lose what they have – popularity. And they are right to be afraid, because as soon as every new musician starts promoting, there will be no place for all the old musicians.

Young musicians are the future, and we shouldn’t stop them, we should encourage them.