Education Highlight: Private School in New York

The best boarding schools in New York offer foreign students all the benefits of a secondary education that meets American standards. Studying in a high school in New York opens opportunities for children to enter American universities, institutions of higher education in the USA, Canada and other countries. Elite educational institutions accept students for permanent education, summer schools, English language schools in New York.

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About Private Schools in New York

New York City high schools offer a wide range of subjects from which students can choose the subjects they need to succeed in college or university. In ninth grade, American students receive career counseling, begin planning their careers, and develop a curriculum based on their chosen field. The school offers courses in three main areas.

  • The academic program is designed for students planning to attend college or university – courses focus on natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), advanced mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus), in-depth study of English literature, social sciences, and foreign languages.
  • Specialized programs offer education in four areas: agriculture, business education, home economics, and business and industrial education.
  • The general education or integrated program combines the characteristics of the academic and professional programs, giving the concepts of the different specializations.

Upon successful completion of the 12th grade, students will receive a high school diploma.

Private schools in New York focus on the quality of education, the development of purpose and organization of the child. In schools and colleges, efforts are made not only to improve academic skills, but also to develop mentally and physically. High emphasis is placed on the development of leadership qualities, responsibility and independence. The college atmosphere of the school cannot help but influence the character of the student.

American schools, like the American way of life, require students not only to do well academically, but also to take a positive stance in life: classes and extracurricular activities from morning to night are designed to develop leadership qualities, self-actualization, teach effective communication and proper time management. In U.S. schools, they provide the skills to master knowledge – the skills to think independently and to search and process information. As a result, graduates of U.S. private schools are well prepared for college study and adulthood.

In private schools in New York, discipline is quite strict. After all, it is the only way to ensure the safety of your child. Despite the apparent freedom in choosing subjects of study, curators are keeping a close eye on students: living in boarding apartments is subject to strict rules, and failure to comply will result in expulsion from the school. The entire day is scheduled by the minute, with little free time. But all the rules and restrictions are aimed at one thing only – providing all the necessary conditions for the development of the child’s academic and physical abilities, his self-determination, motivation and social adaptation.

The private school campus is well-equipped. Children live in comfortable dormitories, and the campuses have cafeterias, athletic facilities, libraries, auditoriums, and often extensive walking parks.

New York’s private schools are more like college campuses, and their atmosphere is ideal for high school students who wish to continue their education in college.

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Private Schools in New York: The Benefits

Private schools in the United States offer advantages that public schools cannot provide.

  • A unique learning experience.
  • Excellent academic preparation to get you into the best colleges.
  • Teaching innovation and the best teachers.
  • Comfort and safety.
  • The development of self-discipline and independence.
  • Opportunities for personal growth.
  • International study programs.
  • A wide range of extracurricular activities – creative, sports, interest clubs.
  • Small classes.
  • High levels of English at the end of school.
  • Useful acquaintances and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Accommodation options

For foreign children attending private schools in the United States, there are two options for accommodation: boarding apartments or host families. In most cases, parents will choose the first option when their child lives in a residence on the school grounds. But some day schools do not offer this opportunity, and then you can turn to the services of a host family. In this case, the children spend the school day at school and the evenings and weekends at home. Of course, such families go through a strict selection process and are regularly inspected before accepting foreign children.

What are the admission requirements?

Requirements vary depending on school policy. In all cases, you will need transcripts (report cards), teacher recommendations, and English language test certificates. Lower division students usually pass only an interview, but in highly competitive schools there are entrance exams for high school and middle school students in major subjects. You may need a letter of motivation and proof of personal achievement – diplomas, certificates, etc.

At what age can apply?

The best age is 12-13: children are already more comfortable separating from their parents and adjusting to a new environment, but still have time to engage in the educational process, learn the language and cope comfortably with college. It is important to note that it takes about a year to enter a private school in the United States: during this time you will need to choose a boarding school, improve your language, gather documents and apply, and then obtain a visa and prepare for departure.

Cost of education

The best private schools in New York offer intensive and varied education, comfortable accommodation and vivid impressions. Such opportunities are expensive: the minimum price for a year of study at our chosen school is $28,500 and the maximum is $63,200.